2015 Yachting Shanghai kicks off next week

2015 Yachting Shanghai - the International Marine Festival, organised by Expo Shanghai Group and presented by Shanghai Yuanzhou Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. is a luxury yachting and lifestyle event in Shanghai Houtan Park and the 21st Minsheng Art Museum in China, which will be the first Asia's city park yachting lifestyle festival in Shanghai with 150,000 sq. m. and is scheduled to take place from 8th -12th July, 2015. .

This year’s Shanghai International Marine Festival has been divided into three main lifestyle areas; maritime culture, urban marine lifestyle and ocean art. Many leading yacht brands from around the world such as Princess, Beneteau, Edmiston, Mediaship and Mazarin will attend the event on the riverside of Huangpu River to show their charms Other world leading brands in business jet aircraft, artwork, famous cars, fine wines and champagnes, and delicious food will aslo attend the event. In the festival area, you can visit our on-land yacht brand exhibition, business jet aircraft zone, light aircraft zone, Fine Wine & Spirit Experience Area, Car & Quality Life Pavilion, Ocean Art Exhibition, Traditional Chinese Culture Exhibition and touristic agency area. 383 VVIPs and 8000 VIPs including elites from various fields have been invited around the world, who will gather in Shanghai to view yachts, experience business jet aircrafts and taste fine wines and delicious food. The event will feature a lounge area for elites from both China and Europe.

China Yacht Report, released by Fortune Character Research Institute and the most famous and professional research and consulting agency in China Rich’s lifestyle, shows that gross income of China's yacht market in 2012 reached 1.75 billion yuan, in which luxury yacht accounts for 780 million yuan. With more and more eyes on yachts in China, Shanghai, one of the world’s financial and shipping centers, along with being the first Free Trade Zone in mainland China and the world’s bridge where East-West cultural exchanges converge, is unique, no matter in location advantages, governmental support, scale effect or future prospect.

In Europe, the yacht is not just a activity, but a noble, elegant, natural lifestyle and attitude towards life. Yacht industry in China is booming in recent years, and concerned gradually by urban white-collar workers. With the development of China's economy, there are enormous business opportunities in the market. Various yachting experience events have been carried out in coastal cities in China, aiming to cultivate the potential market. The objective of Yachting Shanghai 2015 is to create a city park yachting lifestyle festival, exhibiting multiple urban lifestyles.

The goal of the Organizing Committee is to hold the first 2015 Yachting Shanghai - the International Marine Festival smoothly and successfully, establish one yacht show brand belonging to Shanghai rooted in China, while seeking to integrate all resources within three years and to complete the formal operation of yacht trading platforms, strengthening infrastructure and trading networks to turn them into effective business practices. It estimated that visitors of 2015 Yachting Shanghai - the International Marine Festival will reach 10,000 a day, which can make the whole yacht industry more popular in China!

By Charl van Rooy



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