25 Metre fast wooden yacht design

Andrew Trujillo Design has recently developed this concept 25 Metre wooden Motor Yacht. The yacht has been designed to be produced by a cold moulding process, whereby veneers of wood are laid out at angles to each other in combination with an epoxy resin.

The process is not dissimilar to that used in the making of more conventional high performance composite yachts. The obvious advantages of this method are that the result shows off the natural beauty of the wood (If using a clear gelcoat finish) and the process is arguably more environmentally friendly than those used using more conventional high performance composites or even GRP. The moulds used would be very similar, so the yacht could be made in variants in GRP or wood if required.

The 25 metre โ€œSabreโ€ Concept has been developed by Andrew Trujillo at his studio in the UK. The yacht has been an exercise in thinking and to show our take on designing a yacht that is more sustainable but practical and easier to maintain than a conventional wooden boat.

"The interior layout is relatively conventional; the main deck has a comfortable indoor lounge area and a helm position with a clean and uncluttered instrument panel. The lower deck has the galley and guest cabins plus the Master cabin in the bow. The Guest cabins comprise two twin cabins and a double. One of the twin cabins can serve as accommodation to crew, if required", Andrew comments.

The other advantage of using the process selected is that overall the material performs very well, it is light weight and very strong. This ensures that the yacht is efficient. The yacht has been planned to have water jet propulsion. This is rapidly becoming the most obvious choice of propulsion in many applications, but is perhaps surprisingly less common with yachts of this size.

"I recall going out on a water-jet propelled Italian yacht that I had been involved with on the design and was really impressed by how it worked and particularly how effective it was at slowing the vessel down. I was converted. I figured that it is the future and I believe wood also has an important part to play too, we use it throughout the interiors of our yachts, but it should be used on the exterior. The design is relatively simple and uncluttered. It does make gentle references to classic wooden boats, but it is a modern interpretation. I feel that it is important to move things on".

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