30 Metre performance sloop concept by Tim Gilding

From the drawing boards of Tim Gilding comes this aggressive-looking 30m performance sloop concept. It has been designed to take on the big players in the maxi scene and the up-coming Wally Cento class, to win races and to demolish records.

Three variations of the base design are offered – a sleek racer-cruiser (as shown in these renderings); a stripped-down race version; and an extreme record-chasing concept.

All three concepts feature a lightweight carbon fibre hull which has been designed with powerful lines and a very fine entry, and to keep weight out of the extremities. A deep canting keel provides the righting power, aided by a central canard forward of the mast.

The racer-cruiser concept shown here is the luxury offering of the trio, equally at home anchored in the Caribbean or taking on the Sydney-Hobart. Whilst offering a fast and powerful hull/rig combination, a large glass-topped superstructure conceals a saloon, dining, and navigation area. Forward of this are minimalist living quarters with accommodation for 6 guests and 4 crew. The exterior design is focussed on free-flowing pathways, with gently contoured decks sloping upward as they move forward from the cockpit to the open foredeck. All sail-handling is automated through a central control board between the two helms. Running rigging is concealed beneath decks to reduce clutter and to promote a hassle-free environment. All movement of the canting keel and canard are controlled by a central computer system which analyses the yacht’s speed, wind angles, and heel angles, and adjusts things accordingly.

The race-spec concept has a powerful all-carbon rig and a no-nonsense cockpit layout. All sheets are run below decks to the main cockpit, keeping decks clear. The interior is all business, with only lightweight furnishings and hammock berths.

The extreme concept features a minimalist cockpit with sheltered helms, to guard from large amounts of wash anticipated at the target speeds of over 42 knots. The overall concept has been designed to be sailed double-handed . Sail power comes from an America’s Cup-inspired rigid wing-sail rig, controlled by hydraulics. This concept has one solitary purpose: speed!

This trio of high-performance yachts promises to excite and invigorate all who sail them.

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