3D animations of superyachts by 3D Visual Simulations Ltd

3D Visual Simulations Limited have pioneered an innovative approach to the 3D representation of yachts.

Combining photogrammetry with games engine technology 3DVSL are able to create a range of 3D images; from brining life to 2D images to creating interactive photorealistic 3D models of actual yachts. The results are movie files or interactive models that have multiple uses including:

  • Interactive online marketing including image enhancement
  • Crew familiarization and training
  • Fire evacuation planning and training
  • Security training
  • Design and refit visualization
  • Desktop simulations of whole or part of yachts
  • Provided as standalone discs or networked over the internet

Wither it is a full interactive model or 3D animation of a 2D photograph: 3DVSL create their output from photographs which makes it very quick.

Bringing life to 2D images:
From these:

To this:

For further information please contact:
Brendan Morris / +44 (0) 7730 417111 / [email protected] / www.3dvsl.com



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