3D yacht visualizations by PlusAnimations

For PlusAnimations the year 2010 is about creating awareness in the yachting industry for the value of high impact 3D visualizations. Presenting a new design should be spectacular, convincing and realistic!

Architectural drawings are nowadays not sufficient to persuade customers. Therefore the demand for high quality visuals for all types of designs is increasing. Photorealistic images are indispensable in the marketing towards potential and existing clients, both for custom-built and production ships.

A spectacular 3D animation of a yacht, in which all unique characteristics are demonstrated and wherein the interior gives you a real feeling, or some superb looking renderings – who doesn’t want this?” asks Rogier van Meeuwen from the company PlusAnimations. For the shipyard and the architect this is a great marketing tool. Upon seeing such realistic visuals of his (potential) future yacht, will a customer be convinced to make such a purchase?

Currently the use of renderings is quite common, though there are vast differences in quality. The use of animation is getting more and more popular. The benefit of 3D is that the possibilities are endless; unfortunately not everyone realises this. With realistic visuals and distinctive ideas, each design can appeal to its target group and lead to direct sales. A good example is one of the latest nautical projects for the Long Island shipyard. “When the drawings for our new model arrived from the architect, PlusAnimations offered us the possibility to visualize these. This was the solution for immediately being able to start the marketing campaign. The result was a beautifully rendered 3D image that was almost impossible to distinguish from a photo. During the HISWA boat show in Amsterdam where direct sales were achieved, the value of these kinds of visuals was confirmed to us!” says Onno Laarhoven – director Long Island Shipyard.

Another advantage of 3D is flexibility. In the automotive industry, car configurators are a normal tool on the websites. In the yachting industry, this phenomenon is less common. However, clients enjoy having the possibility of putting together their own ship with all kinds of options, trying different colours, layouts etc. “This is one of the products for which we expect strong growth in the coming years,” says Rogier.

What’s the next step? “First of all more companies need to realize the possibilities of 3D. We also think that during future boat shows the use of 3D TV screens will develop. The 3 dimensions that now can be realised in the cinemas with glasses, can also be created on TV screens without having to wear glasses. This of course is a fantastic tool for which the passing public will stop and watch for a while.”

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