3DYachts launches new website to showcase 3d work

You walk through the immaculately appointed cabins and saloons of a new super yacht. Stepping out on to the upper deck and into the early morning sun you watch as the glimmering white hull slices through an azure sea. But you are not there, and neither is the yacht – it exists only in the virtual world created with the cutting edge technology deployed by 3Dyachts. The company, created four years ago by French yacht designer Luc Vernet, has launched a new website to showcase its work in three-dimensional modeling, rendering and animation of super yachts.

3Dyachts already boasts an extensive client list including Abu Dhabi MAR, Curvelle Yachts and Corsair Marine. The company has also partnered on projects with Naval Architects studios, Incat Crowther of Sydney, and yacht interior designers Lila Lou of London.

Luc Vernet draws on his decades of experience as a yacht skipper, builder and designer together with knowledge gleaned from time working as an illustrator for major advertising companies like HAVAS, to bring yacht designs to life.

Vernet and his team of digital graphic artists, harnessing the power of cutting edge technology to produce superior quality models and renderings of yachts, using 3Dyachts’ powerful workstations allowing simultaneous use of over 30 CPUs, produce animations to a standard far beyond the reach of most design studios. “The work we do at 3Dyachts allows designers to concentrate on being creative,” Vernet says. “We relieve them of the burden of fine detailing in their 3D modeling or the extensive work required for quality rendering or integration into real environments”.

3Dyachts can work from first sketches, detailed drawings or eventually existing three dimensional models to produce photo-realistic renderings and animations of the interior and exterior of any yacht.

This flexibility, combined with 3Dyachts competitive cost structure, allows new and interesting concepts in yacht design to be explored without onerous financial investment while retaining the integrity of the original ideas.

This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool as it allows anyone to see a vessel, to truly experience it, even from the earliest design stages,” Vernet says. “People are visual creatures by nature, and there can be no underestimating the power of seeing with your eyes what is in your mind and in your heart.”

For more interactive presentations, 3Dyachts can also supply virtual tours of the complete vessel. On one of these tours it is possible to navigate your way through the saloons, cabins, bathrooms, and even to a detailed virtual engine room.

Vernet says,” You can look up, down and around and from various positions, almost as if you were standing in the real boat.” 3Dyachts adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, with a policy of always meeting deadlines. Being at the forefront of design for yachts, racing boats or military vessels, the confidentiality of 3Dyachts clients’ data is assured due to the installation of a high security monitoring system.

For a vision of what is possible with the digital wizardry of 3Dyachts, visit www.3dyachts.com. For a Company presentation video of 3Dyachts, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz5VnRtueYc.

Luc Vernet
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By Brett Davis



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