40 Metre superyacht underway at Mengi Yay

Under the management of Yacht Marine Ltd, with naval architecture and design by Ginton Naval Architects and interior design of Guido de Groot Design (both from the Netherlands), the construction of this 40 metre sloop has commenced at the Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay in Tuzla. At the time of writing, the hull structure is nearly completed and the aluminium superstructure is well underway. The hull of the vessel is being built from steel with an aluminium superstructure and it will be built to RINA commercial classification.

Uri Rotshtain of the management company Yacht-Marine has instructed Jaron Ginton and Guido de Groot not to make any compromises when it comes to quality. Examples of that are evident everywhere in the ship. For example, the propeller shafts of BT marine are made from Duplex instead of stainless steel. The aluminium superstructure is in many areas 6 mm thick when 4 mm would also be allowed. Many more examples can be found, such as the selection of caterpillar engines, the bow thrusters from Dutch Thruster Group or Lewmar winches.

The Dutch studio Ginton Naval Architects BV has designed this innovative modern 40m sloop. The hull has been designed to minimise resistance, and the keel is “semi-fin keel” to allow simple docking. The spade rudders are located behind two 40” Variprop propellers to reduce resistance under sail. Jaron Ginton explains that locked or even free turning propellers are responsible for a tremendous increase in resistance (in the vicinity of 30%), so folding the propeller blades parallel to the water stream is expected to increase the speed under sail by three quarters of a knot. Jaron Ginton has designed a sloop based on principles of simplicity, reducing the amount of masts, stays, winches, etc. In order to maintain enough power from the sail, a high mast of 52 m has been selected. To compensate, 60 tonnes of ballast have been put in the keel. The engine room is located aft of amidships, allowing the space for a big garage for water sports aft.

Other special features are the large flybridge, which has two steering positions, an operating centre for the sails, a sitting area and two tenders aft. On anchor, when the tenders are launched, a big “party-deck” is provided.

The owners are moving from a motor yacht to a sail yacht, but they didn’t want to sacrifice comfort. For them, accessibility to water sports is an important feature. Therefore, the transom door can open 90 degrees, creating a big swimming platform. However, in order to enlarge the swimming platform even further, a big portion of the aft deck rises two meters with the help of a hydraulic scissor lift mechanism, creating a huge swimming platform, bigger than the ones that can be found on motor yachts of similar size. On the side, two big aluminium doors conceal jet skis, canoes, and other water toys; when opened, they can be used as additional swimming platforms.

The interior spaces were supplied with big windows for ample daylight and the exterior decks provide plenty leisure space. There are six guest rooms, accommodating 12 guests. For the 7 crew members there are 3 double crew cabins and a captain’s cabin, a spacious crew messroom, adjacent to a well equipped general galley.

The aft deck offers seating for 12 people and is the perfect area to host a dinner party for many friends. It offers a wide view over the marina or the sunset. The bar at the entrance of the main salon is the perfect spot to enjoy a late night drink or an early espresso. The exterior furniture is made of dark lacquered woods and lacquered teak. Due to its luxurious finishing and trimming it feels as an extension of the interior spaces. Another element that enhances this feeling is the dark lacquered furniture contrasting with the soft white fabric upholstering.

The exterior area and interior area merge seamlessly. The main salon offers various seating and a formal dining area. The wheelhouse has a small seating arrangement for more intimate moments and to enjoy the boat while under sail. The combination of the light oak, the dark lacquered oak, small mirrors, stained floors with white holly and the leather detailing create a carefully composed space. The staircase in the middle of the salon is a beautifully designed eye catcher and a focal point in the design. It divides the dining and main salon from the fitness room. The staircase is nicely lit and gives a great transition to the guest area.

The guest area has not less than six cabins. The two large owners’ cabins at midship have a spacious bathroom and a separate toilet. The bathrooms floors, countertops and sinks are made out of a compound of quartz. The walls are a combination of white lacquered panelling and quartz. The sofa has a small integrated leather top which folds into a vanity desk. The desk is set against an oak wall. This wall is made of small stripes in plain oak and brushed oak. On the opposite wall behind the bed this pattern is repeated in dark lacquered stripes and mirror stripes. At sea, you have a great look over the ocean through the large windows. Three of the four guest cabins have double beds; the fourth cabin has two single beds. The cabins and bathrooms are finished in the same material selection and they have the same attention to detail as the owners’ cabins. The style in the guest rooms is consistent throughout all rooms. The sophisticated combination of brushed oak and aniline leather is simple but refined. The indirect light in the ceiling and in the pockets is beautifully reflected by the dark lacquered woods.

The crew area is located in the front. On starboard there is an open crew’s mess which has a large seating arrangement and a small pantry. At port side is the large galley equipped with professional equipment. Forward are four cabins with eight bunk beds. Although space is restricted, each cabin has its own bathroom.

The yacht is scheduled to be delivered in the spring of 2013.

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