Rossinavi unveils new 43m catamaran concept: The Sea Cat 40

Rossinavi unveiled an all-new 42.75-metre catamaran concept during the Miami Art Week which is said to infuse luxury and exclusivity with an ecologically driven propulsion system. The Sea Cat 40, as she’s been named, is equipped with a 135 square-metres of solar panels which are said to generate 250kWh of electricity.Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from Rossinavi“The idea is to create a link between nature, electricity and futurism, which, supported by the most advanced technologies, is able to offer excellent performance to Sea Cat 40 that offers priority to the environment. A real challenge for the future of boating and a milestone for the shipyard,” says Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi.Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviSea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviThe Sea Cat 40 has been designed for transatlantic voyages, and according to her designers she’ll be able to travel up to 3,850 nautical miles exclusively using solar sourced power when cruising at 8 knots. Apparently, the centralised power banks are efficient enough to provide 80 percent of travel in full electric mode – the remaining 20 percent relies on hybrid electric-diesel engines.Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviAccording to Cristian Meriggi, Head of Marketing at Rossinavi, the Sea Cat 40 will generate more power than it requires and the surplus can be used at a Marina or private facility. Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviSea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviIn regards to styling, Rossinavi enlisted naval architect Fulvio De Simoni for the job. Fulvio De Simoni has penned this concept to a strictly modern design brief that is said to take inspiration from phytoplankton – hence the large array of solar panels across her outer shell.  “It was a little philosophical experimental game in which phytoplankton observe the human attitude to adapt to change. However, if change implies, as in the current case, a human impact that is too fast, the latter must give the environment a chance to adapt,” says Cristian Meriggi.Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviDue to the nature of being a catamaran, the Sea Cat 40 offers heaps of space for guests to enjoy. She has a beam of 13.75-metres which intersects her 42.75-metre length. There will be five staterooms onboard, including a spacious master suite.Sea Cat 40 yacht concept from RossinaviIt seems as though Rossinavi is committed to eco-sustainability, not just with this concept as Federico Rossi is driving educational changes in the market: “In the world of influencers, the wealthy and the billionaires give the common citizen a kind of ideal aspiration, which needs to go beyond the image of an extremely high performance car, but totally heedless of the CO2 emissions it entails, otherwise we risk giving the new generations that kind of ambition,” he said. “If these influencers manage to change this approach we can really improve the world.” 

The news is unveiled only 1 week after Rossinavi released the designs for Portofino 52.