5 questions with: Edmiston's Robert Shepherd

Written by Georgia Tindale

In this series of articles, we feature some of the industry’s most well-known names to learn more about each of their daily tasks and what the future holds in store for them and the companies they represent. With this year’s FLIBS opening its doors today, we catch up with Robert Shepherd, Partner at Edmiston and President of the company’s New York Office to find out more about the American market and the company’s plans for Fort Lauderdale. 

Robert Shepherd

The American market has been the strongest in the past few years. Is that still the case today and how important is the American market for Edmiston?

The American market is still very strong, the stock market is at an all-time high and the confidence to spend is back. At the same time, people are also always looking for good value for the dollar.

Besides Ft Lauderdale there are also shows in Miami and Palm Beach. Is Ft Lauderdale still the most important show in the USA?

Fort Lauderdale is a very important show, however, Miami and Palm Beach have proved themselves to be strong shows in their own right. Although both shows are smaller than FLIBS, they are perhaps more focused on larger yachts, while the locations are excellent and less stressful for visitor interaction.

TV in Indonesia

Both Helios and TV have been on the market for a while. Why is now the right time to buy them?

The owner of Helios has made a substantial price reduction, showing that he is a keen seller, and with several serious clients expected to view her, we are confident that FLIBS will bring us a new owner. The owners of TV are serious sellers too, and I feel strongly that this yacht offers the best value in the 70-metre plus sector for Northern European vessels currently offered for sale.

Helios Como yachtPhoto: Feadship
You also bring two Feadships which are very different, the 52m Rasselas and the 46m Lady May. What sets these yachts apart?

One of Feadship’s most impressive qualities is the ability to create incredibly different designs that always deliver. It’s about being brave and leading rather than following. Lady May is pretty unique, being an evolutionary pilot house designed by Dubois and with a near vertical bow and that stunning silver paintwork. Her efficient hull form makes her ideal for exploring the Caribbean. 

At the other end of the style spectrum, Rasselas is a classic Feadship, a majestic yacht, timeless in design and with a build quality to match this longevity. I doubt you will find two better examples of contemporary and classic yacht design at FLIBS or anywhere else.        

Rasselas cruising TV in Indonesia

What else can we expect from Edmiston at FLIBS?   

The Edmiston experience, the levels of service and thought we invest in for our clients, is always important to us. For 2017 we have a chauffeured car and tender service to make sure our guests can get to where they want with complete ease. But it all comes back to the yachts we have on show. I think we have an incredible selection to view, with one thing in common: they are all from the very top tier of yacht design and build.



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