5 Questions with… Evan Kortmann, Director for the new superyacht transport company WeShipYachts.com

Written by Laura Nicholls

The superyacht industry may be small to some, but it is filled with a range of experts and professionals from around the world. In this series, we shine a light on some of the specialists working within the different segments of the industry to learn more about what they do for the sector. Under the umbrella of the NEPA Group, Evan Kortmann is the Director of WeShipYachts.com - the newly established yacht transportation company that has caught our attention. 

Evan kortmann from weshipyachts.comPhoto: weshipyachts.comThe company was established only a few months ago, what made you decide to start a yacht transport company, and how has the market responded? 
Within the NEPA Group (the mother company to WeShipYachts.com), we leverage on 30 years of experience in maritime transportation and shipping. We have created teams of specialists to meet the expectations of the yachting industry and fulfil the market demand for multiple services that are time and cost efficient.

One of these teams is WeSupplyYachts.com, who as high-end provisioners, supply superyachts with the best food, provisions and parts no matter where they are.  

Another team is WeShipYachts.com, which is an extension of our services and offers a personal approach and a transparent process to ensure our client’s yachts are moved in a safe and highly professional way - no matter where they go. 

The NEPA Group also has the M Yachts team. M Yachts is a user-friendly online booking platform for fully crewed yachts ready for charter. There are currently over 150 yachts for charter in seven regions on M Yachts.

We Ship YachtsFor what reasons would an owner decide to use a yacht transportation company, and not just sail the yacht themselves?
Time, safety, money and wear and tear. On a yacht, many destinations take too long to reach or can’t be done without stopping - and the seven seas can be rough and dangerous to sail. A crossing will bring costs in terms of fuel, oil filters, full crew and insurance, so the costs of transporting a yacht are often neutralised by the operational costs of a crossing. Also, the yacht will undergo more wear and tear when travelling on its own. 

We Ship YachtsPhoto: weshipyachts.comTell us more about the market for yacht transport, what sets WeShipYachts.com apart from the other companies?
The development of the global economy in the last few years has had a positive effect on recreational boating, the migration of the yachts and the yacht transport industry. Through our charter and provisioning services, we have seen an increase in movement between summer and winter regions and a desire to explore new and extreme destinations. People also like to share more, which has a positive effect on our chartering business. These industry insights enable us to be a dedicated and agile yacht transport company and provide the right services to our global yacht transport clientele. 

We Ship YachtsPhoto: weshipyachts.comHaving worked for the NEPA Group yourself, which is also the mother company to WeShipYachts.com, what experience do you bring to the company and what have you planned for the next five years?
With NEPA we are with a highly motivated team driven by passion. Besides my passion for the industry and being a yachtsman myself, I bring a combination of many years of experience in a competitive retail industry and I worked for Sevenstar, the market leader in yacht transport

As a team, we have finalised a plan for the next three years where the dynamics between yacht transport, chartering and provisioning will be to achieve one goal: happy customers, no matter where they go. 

There are many companies who offer yacht transport, but not many who own a ship. What vessels do WeShipYachts.com use?
That’s right, there used to be only one yacht transport company who owned vessels. WeShipYachts.com has access to their own vessels within the NEPA Group and take advantage of the global partnerships we have established over the last 30 years. 



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