5 Questions with… Matthew Buley, Senior Director of PRIVA

Written by Laura Nicholls

As the business continued to grow, it was time for Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN) to evolve into a new brand: PRIVA. Having spruced up their image and expanded their services, Matthew Buley, Senior Director of PRIVA, tells SYT what to expect from the busy, new and improved company.
Matthew Buley Senior Director of PRIVA What is your background and journey into the yachting industry? 
I have been working in the yacht industry for more than 11 years, previous to PRIVA working as an Insurance Broker at Lloyds of London specialising in superyacht insurance and then moving into yacht brokerage. 

Following my time as a broker, I moved into the world of connectivity for yachts with MTN, now PRIVA, starting in the sales team and moving up to now running the PRIVA team. This was a great fit to progress my career within this industry that I have so much passion for.

My background has given me a well-rounded knowledge of the sector from the technical aspect all the way through to operations, which has allowed me to pass this knowledge onto our team. Our mission is to deliver the best day to day service, exceeding the expectations of our clients. 

My goal is to make every client a reference client and this same mindset has resonated throughout the team from sales, to project management, and to technical support. 

Priva By Global EagleDay to day, what does your role entail within PRIVA?
We have a dedicated yacht team of 55 individuals based globally, operating from the sales and account management function through to our dedicated 24/7 PRIVA technical concierge team and field engineers.

Due to the complexity of our business and the team diversification, my days vary considerably, from drawing board discussions of new product development and applicability, tailoring services to our UHNW audience, all the way through to sales operations and client satisfaction.

In all of our roles and functions we have one key philosophy to drive forward: a ‘client first’ attitude, this motto enables us to deliver the same level of service in all functions. This is a key element of my day, to ensure that we as a business are consistent with this vision. Priva By Global EagleRecently, PRIVA replaced MTN as Global Eagle's luxury brand for clients in the yachting industry. What were the reasons for this transition, and how it's going so far? 
For more than a decade, the name MTN was associated with innovation and thought-leadership in the yachting industry. After two acquisitions, change in leadership, tripling the size of the team and expanding our services to air and land, we outgrew the “Maritime Telecommunications Network” name. So, in the summer of 2017 we launched a new brand, PRIVA.

As the luxury line of Global Eagle serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals, we are able to maintain a small boutique-style company, backed by a global enterprise. PRIVA delivers the same great connectivity and entertainment that MTN had been delivering to yachts, but now with expanded capacity, VIP technical support, and the ability to serve private estates and private jets as well.PRIVA by Global EaglePhoto: Global EagleWhat have been some of the latest developments for PRIVA? 
Over the past 12 months, there have been some significant developments made in terms of technology. Not only to enhance our current platforms to improve the client experience, but also adopting some of the technologies our peers use in other sectors and developing for the yacht customer.

The new technologies will be on display at the shows through to the end of the year and range from TV solutions, enhanced bandwidth management tools to the integration of multiple forms of connectivity including 4G.

What does the future hold for PRIVA?
With demand for connectivity only increasing exponentially, the future has a lot of potential for PRIVA and Global Eagle. The future traveller will be constantly connected and be able to access anything he needs on his mobile devices. The UHNW individual will expect no less than a seamless connectivity and entertainment experience across his assets, at sea, on land, and in the air. In addition, with our ability to deliver movies, live TV, and other content, PRIVA has a unique position in the market and can design a customised solution for each client. Our partnerships, such as the one with Telesat on the LEO satellite constellation will ensure we can attend the demand in the coming years.



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