800 Guests attend Sea Owl’s delivery party in Amsterdam

The 62-metre Feadship Sea Owl has been delivered to her owners in a special ceremony in Amsterdam’s iconic Maritime Museum. The clients were so pleased with their yacht that they decided to throw a party for the Feadship personnel involved in this exceptionally custom superyacht. Along with their partners, a total of 800 guests wined and dined with Sea Owl’s owners and their family on a summer evening that will live long in the memory of all who were present.

Having been recently restored to its former glory, the National Maritime Museum building – which was originally constructed in 1656 on 1800 wooden piles – is a splendid place to visit at any time. It contains a superb replica of the Dutch East India company vessel Amsterdam and an unrivalled collection of maritime artifacts. The museum is also home to a number of Feadship models, but the best reason of all for the owners to choose this spot to take official delivery of their Feadship was the stylish location it provided for them to treat the workforce. “Sea Owl is the most sophisticated boat built by the industry to date,” Dick van Lent told the audience at the event. “From the interior to the exterior, from the tenders to the onboard systems, from the wood carvings to the murals, this is a truly extraordinary bespoke achievement.”

Having worked on various projects since White Rabbit in 1994, we already knew that Feadship is the best,” added interior designer Andrew Winch. “It has been a magical adventure to work with the owners of Sea Owl, with whom we have become great friends over the past five years. This friendship gave everyone the personal drive to push things further and deliver something that is truly special in our lives.”

The owner agreed. “The talent and artistry that each of the craftsmen brought to this project has made the build an amazing experience for myself and my family. We chose Feadship because we wanted to create a boat that reflected our personality, to be intimately involved in the build process itself, and most of all to have fun. Another shipyard could have built a similar boat to Sea Owl but no other shipyard could have done so with such attention to detail, resourcefully tackling the obstacles that arise in a custom construction while at the same time making it a complete pleasure for us to participate. Craftsmanship shines through every detail of the finished product and Sea Owl is a jewel, the pinnacle of a shipbuilder’s talent that will be the envy of all and a beacon for others seeking perfection.”

Sea Owl’s jade mist green and oyster white colour scheme certainly made for a remarkable sight as the Feadship nestled alongside the National Maritime Museum in the heart of Amsterdam. Having already successfully completed her sea trials, the fledging Feadship will now spread her wings to her maiden adventure in Scandinavia.

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