A closer look at Couach’s 3800 Lounge project

Written by Charl van Rooy

French shipyard Couach first unveiled a new-generation line of yachts at the end of last year. Amongst these was the new Lounge range of displacement explorer yachts designed by Clément Carbonne. The project draws on the ship builder’s experience in building fast, reliable military vessels who has delivered a large fleet of yachts measuring up to 50-metres in length.

The designer’s aim is for the owner and guests to forget they are on a yacht, and instead to focus on the luxurious amenities and environment. It has resulted in a modern and uncluttered living space that reflects how owners live ashore, translating it to the unique marine surroundings.

A remarkable feature, and a first in yachting, is the 3800 Lounge’s glass beach club door to the aft of the lower deck, which allows the space within to be used by guests as a relaxed viewpoint while underway. “I think it’s a shame to propose a space dedicated just to bathing, as all other brands do with a beach club,” explains Carbonne. “The rest of the time it is ‘lost’; it is not used.”

The 3800 Lounge exterior design includes a very large and fully customisable flybridge, with options to include a wet bar and outdoor cooking station, Jacuzzi, lounging area and dining space.



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