A closer look at Infiniti Yachts

Last month, we reported about the new Infinity superyacht, that was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show. Today, we bring you more information about this new company. Infiniti Yachts is the product of a convergence of expertise. The company was founded by Gordon Kay who is joined by acclaimed naval architect Hugh Welbourn. The pair have previously collaborated successfully on a number of projects both for the luxury and performance yacht markets.

The company is launching its uniquely conceived yacht range, a new brand of luxury, ultra-high performance, custom sailing yachts, at the Monaco Yacht Show. The range features the innovative Dynamic Stability System (DSS), a foil which slides out of the hull to leeward, making a yacht stiffer so adding performance and speed, and damping motion as well as reducing pitching.

In partnership with yacht sales and management company Yachtzoo, based in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale, Infiniti is offering bespoke exclusivity to individual owners seeking sleek looks, enhanced performance and a smooth ride. Three clients have already commissioned designs which include a 55ft day sailor, a 100ft ultra high performance Mediterranean cruising yacht and a 150ft ultra high performance cruiser.

Yachtzoo’s Chris Richardson and his team will be driving the sales force. “We know that we have a ground breaking product here that is going to give a completely new sailing experience to owner and crew,” explains Chris “so we will be targeting those individuals seeking quality in detail as well as innovative performance, and the captains and project managers that represent them.”

The team at Infiniti have a proven track record of strengths and capabilities. Clients are buying into a product that has already been lauded by owners, journalists and top sailors who have tested the DSS system.

Notwithstanding the ground breaking achievement of the DSS system - the key difference offered by Infiniti - design and build of each yacht as a whole is represented by formidable partnerships selected from leaders in the industry. Technical collaborations with industry leading partners are to shortly be announced.

Gordon Kay states “Our clients are benefitting from an exclusive product which is produced by a team of highly qualified professionals who are going to deliver their yacht on time, on budget and to the highest possible industry standard.”

Infiniti Yachts is a truly international company, whose design office prides itself on its successes and it’s constant advancement in the field of innovation and excellence. Gordon sums up the company’s mission statement when he says “We expect the Infiniti brand to be extremely powerful and far reaching, gaining a reputation for excellence, ground breaking achievement, exclusivity of design, and of course extraordinary performance.”

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