A dreamy discovery of the Dalmatian Coast with Master Charter

The secret ingredients for a successful charter lie in the hands of the Croatian charter agency Master Charter. Established in 2006, Master Charter has organised private yacht charters in Croatia’s pristine waters for over 16 years. 

The originary seeds of Master Charter lie in the dreams of the owner and founder of the company, Kristina Petričević. With an adoration for the beauty of her homeland Croatia and a desire to share its secrets with the world, Kristina founded Master Charter and has never looked back, with 16 successful seasons indicative of her expert knowledge and care.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterKristina says it is her love for people, sailing and nature which drives her in all aspects of her life and extends into her business. With a reputation as one of Croatia’s reigning charter management companies, Master Charter has successfully built the trust and confidence of local Croatian yacht owners and captains and has carefully crafted a selection of vessels within its central agency.

The Master Charter fleet today features 13 yachts each with its own unique style and offerings, captained by individuals with unbeaten knowledge of the Adriatic.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterWith an impressive fleet of yachts within its central management, Master Charter is able to organise unique yacht charters matching a variety of needs and desires. From a culturally immersive cruise of Croatia onboard a traditional wooden Gulet like the 28.7-metre Allure, or a classic motor yacht like the 31-metre Gallant, to a fun-fuelled trip on the slick and stylish 43.5-metre Dalmatino, Master Charter’s fleet has something for everyone.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterThe year 2018 saw a new page in Croatian nautical history, with the development of authentic luxury Croatian sailing yachts. Master Charter is woven into this fresh chapter, adopting five of these vessels into its central fleet, with a sixth on the way.

Master Charter’s close ties with Croatia’s luxury sailing yacht tradition allow guests to experience the country’s magical coast onboard vessels captained by individuals who have seen more of this corner of the world than most.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterBetween the 3 and 7 October 2022, I had the pleasure of staying onboard one of these authentic luxury Croatian sailing yachts - Anima Maris - on the Master Charter Fam Trip 2022. I was joined on this five-day trip by over 90 charter brokers based all over the world. We were hosted by Master Charter across a fleet of 11 yachts under the central management of the company and toured the mystical Dalmatian Coast.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterThe group embarked from Split, Croatia’s second-largest city and a melting pot of modern and medieval. The day took us from Split to a turquoise cove on the island of Brač, where rugged rocky terrain scattered with pine trees fell at a steep incline to meet the spotless water.

Here, the skilled crew of Anima Maris anchored the 49.5-metre luxury sailing yacht and exhibited impressive technique when securing the boat in place by weaving her ropes around various craggy rocks emerging from the water.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterAfter a refreshing swim stop, the guests onboard Anima Maris enjoyed our first taste of the chef’s skills in a delicious lunch as we sailed towards the island of Hvar.

Arriving into the town of Hvar in the early evening was a treat as this vibrant town glowed in hues reflecting the sunset. As the eleven yachts arrived and docked into the harbour, a sociable buzz ensued as brokers chatted about the day.

Master Charter had organised a local tour of the town of Hvar, so we set off in groups to discover this fascinating settlement. My preconceptions of Hvar were tied to the town’s status as a party destination, but I was pleasantly surprised by the town’s layered history. Our tour guide walked us through the cobblestone streets whilst delving into Hvar’s cultural identity.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterWandering through the town’s maze of winding lanes and stone steps, we happened upon the Benedictus Convent and discovered one of three of the island’s UNESCO world heritage sites. The town of Hvar has been home to a community of Benedictus nuns since 1664, who, over the centuries, have practised and perfected the art of lacemaking.Hvar Town, CroatiaPhoto: Aiva ApsiteFrom within the walls of the convent, the Benedictus nuns weave the fibres sourced from dried agave leaves to create beautifully intricate lace designs, an artistic tradition that has earned a place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

Our local guide enriched us with stories and anecdotes about Hvar’s natural riches: the lavender plant, and the island’s many vineyards which produce large quantities of wine due to the island’s 2,718 hours of sun per year.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterThe next day, we enjoyed breakfast and lunch onboard Anima Maris as we sailed from Hvar to the island of Korčula. The chef and crew took exceptional care to provide excellent service across both meals, which featured an extensive breakfast buffet with optional personalisations and delicious freshly squeezed juices, and a delightful three-course meal utilising the fresh fish of the Adriatic.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterThe group arrived at the beautiful and historic Korčula in the early evening. Master Charter had again arranged a tour of the town guided by a local expert. This is a popular yachting destination known for its postcard-perfect old town, preserved as a UNESCO world heritage site. The town of Korčula is famed for being the supposed birthplace of Marco Polo, as the house the epic explorer is thought to have been born in is nestled within the old town.Korčula, CroatiaPhoto: Elisabeth AgustinThroughout the tour, we unlocked the town’s cultural and historical secrets, often named mini Dubrovnik as a nod to Korčula’s Mediaeval churches, streets and squares. Undeniably, Master Charter has close contacts across the Croatian coast, able to connect guests with the most knowledgeable local experts and guides.Korčula, CroatiaPhoto: Milica SpasojevicAs the sun set, two of Master Charter’s luxury authentic sailing yachts – the 49.5-metre Anima Maris and the 43.25-metre Love Story – were dressed for a dinner party set across both boats. Chefs from each of the 11 yachts within the Master Charter Fam Trip fleet exhibited their culinary skills serving food across Anima Maris and Love Story.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterWednesday saw a gentle four-hour cruise from Korčula to the island of Vis. This mysterious island may escape some Croatian charter itineraries, but Vis’ charm cannot be ignored. An island with a truly fascinating story, Vis was used as a Yugoslavian naval base following World War Two and was completely closed to visitors until 1989.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterOur crew recommended a walking tour of the abandoned military bases and facilities, many of which have remained untouched since the 80s. Today, the island produces some of the world’s most exclusive wines, such as Plavac and Vugava, and the island’s main industry, fishing, provides excellent seafood.Vis, CroatiaPhoto: Pero VojkovicThe fifth and final Croatian destination visited on the Fam Trip was the island of Šolta, the closest island to Split. After mooring in the sleepy port of Maslinica, it was time to attend the Master Charter Fam Trip Gala Dinner.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterSet in the Martinis Marchi boutique hotel, the gala was a fitting end to the trip. We were welcomed by the Master Charter team into the picturesque venue, where we enjoyed an impressive buffet spread before the party moved to the hotel’s outdoor pool area.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterThe trip was impeccably well-timed and organised, with everything running smoothly. Master Charter used their expertise to create an unforgettable itinerary, leaving Fam Trip guests feeling enriched in Croatia’s most alluring destinations, traditions and culture.Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterIt is the depth of local insight that makes a cruise of Croatia with Master Charter special. In its own words, “Master Charter offers both perfect boats and local knowledge and insight for every guest, from locations with the most beautiful sunsets, to restaurants with the best food and hidden bays where you can wake up and have your morning coffee surrounded by almost unreal, untouched nature.”Master Charter Fam Trip 2022, CroatiaPhoto: Master CharterOfficial members of the MYBA Yachtfolio, Master Charter has been recognised for their professionalism and services, regularly seeing returning guests and building lasting relationships with clients. A company with definitive fluency in crafting Croatian yacht cruises, Master Charter’s attention to detail and expertise on the region is what cements their status as one of Croatia’s most reputable luxury yacht charter companies.

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