A gathering of the classics during the 2016 Superyacht Cup

Written by Charl van Rooy

The 20th edition of the Superyacht Cup in Palma will not only be a display of the most innovative and high-tech sailing yachts afloat today, but will also cater to the more purist of sailing fans with a special showcase of an impressive field of large classic super yachts in a friendly battle outside Palma de Mallorca.

Taking place on Wednesday 22nd June, the day ahead of the official race day, a fleet of up to eight sailing yachts will sail a course from the waters off Dique del Oest to Isle de Sech where they will finish off the harbour wall in front of the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria. The Big Class Day Sail as it is known will commence at approximately 13:00 and feature known classics such as Mariette, Germania Nova, and Elena. Participants in the class ranges from 24 metres to 60 metres in length including Kelpie, Moonbeam IV, NaemaandShenadoah.

The exact course to be followed by the fleet is dependant on prevailing weather conditions on the day.



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