A good night’s sleep with Natural Mat

What are the key ingredients for a successful vacation spent on board a luxury yacht? Good food, great service, lots to see and do? Absolutely, but for many owners and charterers, for whom this may be their major holiday of the year, a good night’s sleep comes very near the top of the list. The world’s top hotels and resorts have for many years invested large sums to ensure that their guests spend their daily eight hours asleep in the greatest possible comfort, and now the superyacht community is doing the same.

The task of creating mattresses for large yachts brings with it a range of challenges, not least the differing needs of crew and guests, but the UK’s Natural Mat Company brought its experience and expertise for the first time to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, where it will be showcasing its range of high quality, eco‐friendly mattresses.

Unique in offering a bespoke service that ensures that every mattress perfectly fits the space allowed, the Natural Mat team also fully understands that the requirements of often poorly‐ventilated crew quarters differ vastly from those of a spacious owner’s stateroom, and they have the solutions for both.

“Natural fibres consistently demonstrate their superiority over man‐made substitutes in situations where moisture needs to be eliminated and warmth and breathability maximised,” says Natural Mat director Mark Tremlett. “Our coir‐based crew mattresses provide all that and superior comfort, plus natural insecticides to ensure that they remain hypo allergenic and dust mite free, and are kept as healthy as possible. For airconditioned owner and guest accommodation the needs are quite different, and here we build the ultimate in fully sprung mattresses, complete with hand‐nested pocket springs and natural fillings that can include luxury fibres such as mohair and cashmere.”

“Experienced crews and skippers consistently tell us that luxurious sleeping arrangements can make all the difference between a simply good and a truly great cruising experience,” Mark continues, “and the extra investment needed to obtain the very best is minimal in the context of the overall cost of fitting out a large yacht.”

With superyachts competing to attain ever‐higher standards in the quality of their amenities, yards and owners are becoming increasingly aware of the difference that paying attention to such details can make in satisfying the aspirations of owners and charter guests. Natural Mat has capitalised on this interest by exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Its bespoke service is already used by top yards across Europe, including DML, Amels, Vitters and Pendennis, and their client list looks set to get a good deal longer in 2008/09.



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