A green future is the focus with RH Marine hybrid technology

Written by Laura Nicholls

The superyacht industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, so it is imperative that the future of yachting is one that is kinder to our oceans, seas and air. Behind this notion, industry governmental bodies such as MARPOL have issued international conventions to deal with the protection of the marine environment. 

The MARPOL Convention is one of the most important international marine environmental conventions and seeks to govern marine and air pollution. More specifically, Annex VI entered into force in 2005 and regulates yacht emissions, and Annex I deals with oil pollution from all yacht machinery. The global fleet consists of over 4,800 superyachts currently in operation and so, those who are not working to become more sustainable, investing in green technologies and becoming efficient with a low impact on the environment are going to get left behind. 

Savannah Rolls Royce Azipull propulsionIn order to keep the amount of damage caused to the marine environment to a minimum, the common power generation systems are being extended with new hybrid solutions. Although the diesel engine is a relatively efficient way to produce a lot of power, it produces pollution in the form of noise, vibration, soot and toxic gases such as nitrogen oxide. 

Eco-conscious hybrid systems are taking over. They operate by creating choice in power generation. Therefore automatically switching between electric batteries and diesel engines, optimising the yacht’s energy distribution and therefore keeping emissions and fuel consumption as low as possible. By using a smart automation energy management system, the demand and consumption of fuel is reduced. Aside from reducing engine maintenance costs by up to 50%, a yacht can benefit from a more reliable shore supply via hot standby and up to 11% reduced fuel consumption. The engine will also be quieter with fewer vibrations, allowing those onboard to enjoy the journey and take in nature’s surroundings even more. 

Volpini 2 cruising Photo: Amels“To preserve our future environment, the industry needs to be one step ahead with futuristic notions, technology and products to make ensure that we preserve the oceans and the wildlife we love so much. Everyone knows, or is able to quickly access information, on why reducing the consumption of fuel and switching to a more sustainable material is all of our responsibility,” said Product Manager Hybrid Portfolio, Despoina Mitropoulou.  

RH Marine EMS power cabinetsTo make the transition from conventional yacht to hybrid as simple as possible, RH Marine offers three pre-engineered hybrid packages: Light, Basic and Extended packages. With world-class shipyards such as Amels and Feadship as their biggest clients, one leading superyacht already benefiting from an RH Marine hybrid solution is motor yacht Savannah.

RH Marine hybrid systemWith every new-build yacht, the installation of a hybrid system is already considered in the proposal and conceptual design process, and so, RH Marine have made their packages suitable for yachts undergoing a refit. Their efficient process involves conducting an inventory, fixing a design and the technical specifications and then finishing with a practical refitting plan - all of which makes the modification of a conventional to a hybrid power system on an existing yacht a smooth operation.

Savannah seen from the helicopterPhoto: Tom van Oossanen / SuperYacht Times“At RH Marine we actively encourage the use of hybrid technology to help secure a healthy future for the environment which us in the yachting industry enjoy so much. We have currently refitted over 100 superyachts, and it is great to see how RH Marine are able to make a brilliant machine such as a superyacht, even better,” said Bart Lamme, RH Marine Sales Manager. 



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