A new succes for CRN

The ongoing development of the CRN shipyard shows no sign of stopping. New challenges marked the start of the 2006-2007 nautical year in September, together with sales successes and ambitious projects. And continuity was a dominant theme of the upward trend, as shown by the reorganisation effort initiated last year, thanks to which the shipyard in the Marches region can devote all its energies to building three-deck pleasure boats at lengths of more than 40 metres. Having registered extraordinary growth, tripling its workforce and production structures in record time, the CRN is further consolidating its position as one of the world’s leading shipyards in the pleasure-boat sector.

This is confirmed by the signing of a letter of intents for the construction of a 59-metre steel ship to be delivered in 2009. The project makes use of a 54-metre and 57-metre naval platform already developed by CRN’s technical staff of 40, which benefited from the valuable contributions of outside architects of world fame.

The signing follows the sale of another 43-metre mega-yacht, the fifth hull of a new composite-materials line whose first vessel will take to the water in the Spring.

Today, the Ancona shipyard, one of the most important industrial facilities in the Marches Region, serves as a multi-brand production centre for the Ferretti Group, with its facilities housing the production facilities for the maxi-yachts Custom Line, Navetta 30 and 112’ and the Riva 115’. In fact, CRN’s widely acknowledged skill in the pleasure-boat sector has led the Ferretti Group to shift the construction of all its large-size vessels to Ancona, in order to take advantage of the shipyard’s know-how in building mega-yachts, plus the presence of the highly specialised workers who operate directly at its facilities.

At present, a total of 15 vessels are under construction at the shipyard, and no fewer than 9 carry the CRN trademark: 4 custom-designed steel vessels measuring between 54 and 72 metres, plus 5 semi-custom ships made of composite materials, at lengths of 40 to 43 metres.

With the 60-metre mega-yacht GiVi recently delivered, construction is currently underway on 4 fully custom-made, steel and aluminium yachts measuring 54, 57, 60 and 72 metres.

The 72-metre ship will be the largest such vessel ever constructed by an Italian shipyard: a record that CRN is proud of, and that demonstrates what a tradition stretching back more than forty years, combined with constantly renewed know-how and experience, can do.

In addition to these steel vessels, scheduled to be launched over the next three years, work is also underway on two lines of mega-yachts made of composite materials: the CRN 128’ planing line and the CRN 43 displacement line.

These two production lines combine elegance and “Made in Italy” style, technological research and design, all in a close working relationship with the shipowner, leading to the creation of unique works of art and technology.

The CRN 128’ line, whose third ship was recently launched, can already point to two international prizes: the prestigious “European Yacht Trophy” of Yachts magazine, plus the title of “Best New Semi-Production Series”, presented to it by ShowBoats magazine.

The CRN 43, whose first hull is scheduled for 2007, is the first composite maxi yacht whose entire construction process, starting from the casting of the moulds, is being carried out directly at the Ancona shipyard.



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