A visit to Feadship Royal Van Lent & Zonen

Recently the Feadship Royal Van Lent facility in De Kaag was visited by Merijn. During his visit Van Lent was working on three projects and they also announced that they were going to start the construction of another series of three Vantage F45โ€™s. Currently at the outfitting stages were two Vantage F45โ€™s and one custom 68m, which would soon be accompanied by another 65m custom yacht.

Both Vantage yachts were pretty well underway, but wonโ€™t be launched before the end of the year. The first one to be launched is hull 797 which should be completed by the beginning of next year. Hull 799, the third Vantage yacht, will be delivered in 2008. Sinot Design Associates created different interior styles and the owner of hull 799 opted for the Milano interior style.

The construction of the hulls of the next series of Vantage yachts will commence soon. These boats are build on speculation and thus guaranteeing a fast delivery time to clients who buy the yachts during the construction process.

The biggest yacht currently under contract at Van Lent is hull 798. Hull 798 is a 67.75m (222.28ft) with interior and exterior design by John Munford.

A special feature of this yacht is the capability of landing a helicopter on her fore deck, just in front of the bridge.

Currently all the wiring and piping is being finished before here interior will be installed. She is scheduled to be delivered to her owner next year. The twin screw motor yacht will be powered by twin 2682 HP Caterpillar 3516B diesels.



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