A year with the owner of superyacht Onyx on board

The idea of living at sea for a year and exploring the Mediterranean and Caribbean had been our dream for some time. Leaving our home comforts and setting off for an adventure like this was alluring, invigorating and terrifying all at the same time!

We no longer wanted to be tourists, spending several days in a hotel or on board a charter boat, but we wished to lose ourselves in the everyday life of actually “living” on board; moving wherever the sea would take us and not being rushed through a new town or beach day after day. All this without leaving our “home” far away.

Although a semi-displacement yacht in her first year, we had confidence that she would fulfill her task of taking us from Turkey to Spain then to Florida and on to the ABC Islands, just like any displacement yacht could.

Our adventure began on a relatively chilly day in April 2009. At this time of the year we found that the many secret coves and bays that harbour ancient ruins in Turkey are surprisingly tranquil. Mirror-like waters of Kidnos, steep white cliffs and the pine scented air around us in Tekirova enhanced our anticipation of what magical sights were to come.

Over the next weeks and months we travelled the Mediterranean from east to west and north to south, experiencing countless events, images, memories and smiles that we would be able to reflect back on for a lifetime. Our European part of the journey ended in Mallorca in the autumn of 2009. It was a completely still morning when we passed from Mallorca to Cabrera, like a ghost ship through a mile thick wall of fog. An awe-inspiring spectacle of nature and indeed something you would only expect see in a pirate movie. The day was gloomy but then we experienced the most unforgettable diving in the national reserve.

After a short break in November, during which time Onyx was shipped to the United States, we boarded her again in Florida. Nassau was our first destination and gave us a long awaited first impression of the Caribbean. Carefully manoeuvering through the crystal clear blue waters and white sandy shallows we made our way to the fuel dock at the Atlantis Hotel. Coming from Europe and being used to the fast pressure fueling we were soon taught the “take it easy and smile” lifestyle of the Caribbean while we waited 8 hours for the fuel to fill!

We made our way south up until March 2010, visiting the Bahamas with its unbelievable colours and then the rain forest covered islands of the Caribbean. From the spectacular Blue Hole on Long Island and caves of the Exumas to fantastic scuba diving in Turks and Caicos to the Virgin Islands where some seamen and guests came to their bitter end. From almost touching the bellies of planes on St. Maarten and drift diving around the Pitons of St. Lucia to the wild and pristine volcanic Island of Dominica and the reefs of the Tobago Keys where the varied shades of blue and green water defy reality.

The last and most adventurous leg of our journey was from Grenada to the islands and atolls of northern Venezuela and concluded our year in the ABC Islands. Los Roques was a mystical island chain where only few foreign super-yachts visit and it certainly lived up to our expectations. Untouched nature and virgin scuba diving sights, beaches with white talcum powder sand that stretched as far as the eye can see. Truly incredible.

After 358 days sailing on board Onyx, winning two World Super Yacht Awards, travelling further than half the earth’s circumference and visiting 117 destinations, we ended our adventure very tanned, very happy and with countless memories to cherish for the rest or our lives. Onyx handled extremely well in the choppy waters of the Caribbean and overall technical problems were kept to a minimum. All the hard work in forward planning and confronting any problems that stood in our way was well worth the immense satisfaction of fulfilling our lifelong dream. We will never forget our truly precious year with Onyx.

Onyx is currently available for sale and charter through Ocean Independence.

Ocean Independence Sales
Axel Douqué
+41 44 390 25 75
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Ocean Independence Charter
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By the owner of Onyx



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