Acoustic, sound and vibration control onboard superyachts

Written by Gemma Fottles

Juergen Jokat, founder and director of J. Jokat Consulting, is on a mission to change the way acoustic, sound and vibration control onboard superyachts is handled in the superyacht business. Working closely with owners to realise their own dreams for their floating palaces, Jokat has collaborated on some of the world’s most iconic superyacht projects, guiding owners through exactly what is possible in terms of noise and vibration control, and ensuring the potential for every vessel is fully realised. We sit down with Jokat who tells us a little more about his story. 

J.Jokat Consulting

Tell us about yourself and why you made the decision to set up J. Jokat Consulting. 

When I first started my shipbuilding apprenticeship, I never dreamed that through my knowledge, thoughts and activities I would have ever had such a strong influence on ship design as I do today. It gives me great pleasure to be able to be a part of the whole and for that reason, I founded J. Jokat Consulting (JJC). This decision was done with respect to myself, to be able once again to do my work next to my philosophy, my internal driven force to really strive for improvement not only for myself and my clients but the wider superyacht business, too. I followed my heart's desire and have not regretted a moment since.

Today my work brings me much more joy as I can now exercise and implement all my technical and soft skills for the benefit of my clients e.g. my holistic approach to the superyacht shipbuilding process.

You say that part of your philosophy is to support owners to realise the true potential of their superyacht. Do you think that many owners are unaware of the true potential of their yachts?

From my personal experience over the past 25 years, my answer is yes: an overwhelming majority of owners are unaware of the innovative possibilities available to them. An example of this is how to create genuine comfort onboard their superyacht throughout the new-build or refit construction process - people just don’t know that their vessel can be all but silent and vibration free. I’m here to help them realise this.  

Another part of my personal and professional philosophy is that we can create our own reality. The new generation of owners are of course still looking at the interior and exterior aesthetic of their yacht, but are also looking to enhance their own vision, their own dream - in short, their own reality - on board. They want to experience their incredible asset in a personal way, and I help them to achieve this. 

J. Jokat Consulting

You have recently founded Design Team Violent Flame. Tell us more about this and what you hope to achieve with this new venture.

I founded Violet Flame after attending the Superyacht Design Symposium in Kitzbühl in 2016, where I saw an interesting panel discussion held with owners. I realised that though technical innovation was progressing in leaps and bounds, the experience of the owner throughout the new build or refit process was not progressing at the same level. I decided to create the Concept of True Comfort, and Violet Flame deal directly with owners to do just that. 

Violet Flame acts as the emotional leader of a project, combining technical and practice methods, experiences and opinion to create genuine comfort and satisfaction for the owner. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved: the owner is happy, the yacht is technically sound but with a heavy focus on the owner’s desires, comfort and personality, and all parties involved are satisfied with the overall experience. A lot of what we do in this field is dealing with sound and vibration. The consequent implementation of the Concept of True Comfort is a precondition to enormously reduce the costs of the project and ensures genuine comfort on board. 

Want to hear more from Juergen Jokat? Visit JJC’s website here, email, or call him directly at + 49 151 43 12 99 45.



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