Adam Voorhees reveals new 70m superyacht design

Written by Gemma Fottles

Developed in collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects, Adam Voorhees has recently revealed a brand new 70 metre sailing yacht design. Developed in response to a specific client request, the design brief for the ketch demanded a fast vessel which retains high levels of comfort on board, respecting the heritage of the sailing yacht tradition whilst utilising the very best of modern technologies.

Commenting on the development of the design with these requirements in mind, the Voorhees team explains: “The yacht moves beyond the facade of simply using classical styling and a modern underbody but instead arrives at an authentic expression all its own.This is clearly articulated in the sleek glass deckhouses that appear to push through an envelope of teak. In the living spaces the formal decorative appliqué so liberally applied to traditional sailing vessels now becomes a background canvas for highlighting focal pieces of form, furniture, and art to support thoughtful living.”

Owner’s accommodation on board includes a private lounge and cockpit, as well as study and luxurious ensuite facilities. Amongst her other notable features is a spacious beach club, and two tenders of 8.5 metres and 6.5 metres respectively. With storage for both found on the foredeck, the tender well also has the capability to be transformed into a swimming pool.

Dykstra Naval Architects has drawn a fast and efficient hull shape with a versatile sail plan optimised for performance and ease of handling. Maximum weight savings will be made possible through advanced construction and materials, while hybrid energy technology and the latest sailing and onboard systems will be employed.

Adam Voorhees state that more information is available to interested parties.



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