Adam Voorhees unveils 92 metre superyacht project Lumen

Adam Voorhees has unveiled an exciting new superyacht design concept, project Lumen. Conceptually, the 92 metre Lumen is based on a greater sensibility and understanding for the relationships between the private and common spaces, how these spaces are negotiated by the owner, guests, and crew, and the dynamics created between the external and internal spaces; all contributing to a maximum enjoyment of living on the sea.

The form language and programatic layout are defined by twin monolithic structural towers intersected by and juxtaposed against fluid, undulating surfaces. The massive towers create a sense of drama and scale both appropriate and necessary to a yacht of this size. The undulating surfaces also inform the onboard circulation patterns while reinforcing the relationship to the sea.

Close attention has been paid to the transition between the interior and exterior experience, integrating protected yet open space with a focus on sweeping views.

Designed for privacy while still allowing a connection to the sea, Lumen boasts multiple opportunities for both formal and informal living across multiple levels.

Notably, the grand salon is connected across the main and upper deck, featuring a double height entrance and staircase. As well, the central lobby surrounds a large, open atrium extending through all decks, with natural light spilling in through the glass bottom of the spa located above. The glass walled pool penetrates the main deck and offers a spectacular backdrop for the expansive beach club and full spa facilities. A fully enclosed helicopter hangar is directly and easily accessible by the massive owners suite.

"All technical details were worked on in conjunction with Alexander Kodisch, a good friend of mine and naval architect at Lurssen", Adam explains. The principal dimensions for Lumen are 92 metre LOA, a beam of 15 metre, 2650t Displacement, 7800kW Power, and 6000nm range.

In all, Lumen represents a new classic, both timeless and contemporary with casual yet sophisticated elegance for living and entertaining on a grand scale.

Adam Voorhees
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