Adam Voorhees winning design, the 66 metre Ra

Young designer Adam Voorhees, winner of the World Superyacht Young Designer of the Year, reveils his design of the 66 metre Ra; the superyacht with a visionary approach to the connections between luxury, comfortable living, and the nautical lifestyle.

Named after the Egyptian sun god Amun-Ra, the yacht explores transformability of space and interactions with light to reinforce the connection with and heighten the beauty of its maritime environment. Ra exemplifies the balance between public and private as the hierarchy of living spaces hosts fewer decks with larger volumes, creating more dramatic and usable environments.

The main deck is a vast, multifunctional area that transforms for informal living or formal entertaining. The transparency of structure encourages users to gather, relax, and enjoy their surroundings. Elevating all the guest suites above the main deck offers more secluded and prestigious accommodations with phenomenal views. Ra explicitly utilizes new design solutions, technical equipment, and materials to maintain a very low impact on the environment.

Designed for now, Ra makes extensive use of cutting edge energy transformation and delivery systems. The diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package provides proven, reliable, and green technology. Azimuthal drives offer silent and clean propulsion in harbor while the same motors underway ensure vibration free travel. An advanced heat scavenging system and photovoltaics embedded in the superstructure provide all the needed energy for hospitality loads.

Ra utilizes the Alsphere Displacement Gliding hull shape for minimized resistance and increased seaworthiness. Because most of the displacement occurs in the keel, the unique form dramatically lowers rolling and slamming amplitudes while increasing stability and obtainable speeds. Lower resistance leads to a substantial reduction in fuel and operating costs as less power and equipment is required compared to traditional displacement hull forms. The design also significantly reduces wash, thus minimizing the yacht’s impact in environmentally sensitive locations.

Ra conforms to RINA Green Star plus Secure Yacht regulations, ABS and MCA large yacht codes, and IMO Alternative Design initiatives. Precise systems are used for handling and monitoring all aspects of the yacht. The Secure Yacht certification adds additional security measures and procedures to establish safety and protection to the owner, guests, and yacht at all times. The IMO Alternative Design initiative maintains high safety and security standards while allowing Ra to retain its unique and innovative architecture. Carbon offsets will also be purchased to equal the minimal amount of carbon dioxide produced, resulting in a truly sustainable and carbon neutral vessel.

Adam Voorhees
+1 818 731 3157
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