Admiral Yachtmaster Meeting 2007

On December 4th 2007, the fourth annual “Admiral Yacht Master Meeting” took place. In the wake of the huge acclaim won in past years, applying the principle of “mixing,” the event was divided into two distinct parts: one session devoted to working and one devoted to leisure and teambuilding. This year the two distinct parts coincided with two different venues: from the sea of Genoa to the hills in Piedmonte.

The morning session took place at the T.Mariotti shipyards in Genoa. The symposium, on board the MY Dionea moored for the occasion in front of the AMY shed, was introduced by Laura Ceccarelli, CNL vice-president, and Francesco Ceccarelli, AMY CEO. They welcomed the over 60 masters attending the event. Presentations from engineer Massimo Allegri, AMY technical division CEO, and architect Luca Dini, from Luca Dini Design, followed. Topics at the conference included state-of-the-art and specific construction techniques adopted for the first displacement 54-meter Admiral and new 65-meter project, actually on development.

After the business session, the yacht masters moved over to the brand new, rust-brown AMY shed—looking like raw metal plate before treatment—which is 3,000 square meters in width, exclusively dedicated to the construction of mega yachts up to 75 meters in length and went aboard the first Admiral displacement yacht under construction: the 54-meter.

Our guests could appreciate the quality of the construction and realize that building criteria typical in ship construction—yet innovative in yacht building—have been adopted here, such as the designing pushed to a very extreme attention for detail and high sophistication and the worth to note prefabrication of manufactures. The advanced state of construction (delivery is for May 2008) allowed our guests to see the brand new concept opening components – platforms, balconies, staircase – already completed and installed.

It is important to note that the ship has obtained the Rina Green Star certification and that this certification will be compulsory for all the future production, stating the attention that AMY pays to preserve environment. And for guests it means utter freedom of navigation. The afternoon was devoted to leisure activities, and the yacht masters moved to Monterotondo di Gavi, where wine poured from bottles to goblets for a course of wine tasting. It was an intense, professional, constructive day, both for the yacht masters, who participated actively and enthusiastically, and for the organizers, who had the opportunity to find themselves face to face with real seafarers.

The date is already set for next year, with another original idea that will touch the emotions without compromising on professionalism and quality.



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