Adriel Design designs Oceanco concept with ultimate atrium feature

Adriel Design has unveiled their new 90 metre concept for Oceanco, project Lumen. Lumen houses Adriel Design’s in-depth conceptualisation of the ultimate superyacht atrium staircase, which will be filled with spectacular natural light. At night, LED backlighting takes over, turning the entire atrium into a lantern of artificial light.

The atrium is as spectacular and as original as possible. A tubular glass and stainless steel elevator that reaches all the way up to the sundeck, sits in the centre of the Atrium, and is surrounded by a floating spiral staircase.

Adriel Rollins designed a superstructure that features graceful lines which contain sculpted forms. Adriel comments “I wanted the exterior styling to work in tandem with the hull form, instead of appearing to be ‘stacked’ upon the hull”.

The design for Lumen is placed upon Oceanco’s all new 90m+ PYC compliant platform which allows for +3,000 GT and up to 36 passengers. Lumen features an abundance of deck space, which includes a a flush foredeck and a large pool deck aft on the main deck, where twin stairs lead down to the swim platform.

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