AENB Yacht Charter Group continues to offer security to charterers in The Balearics

The Balearic Nautical Business Association (AENB) and its yacht charter section is in place to ensure that all charter holidays via their members can be booked and enjoyed with full confidence by their clients. This provides that all regulatory, safety and fiscal obligations are fully met within the broad range of boats offered by over twenty actively engaged members who charter yachts across the islands.

After press reports giving details of a number of yachts being impounded for alleged fiscal irregularities earlier this summer, the AENB and its legal team have worked diligently with the Guardia Civil Police and Customs officials. In this way they have actively supported the many legally constituted charter managers, and the large diverse fleet of boats that fully meet with all aspects of charter legislation in Spanish waters.

This spirit of professionalism, honesty and cooperation has led to a working agreement between the police, customs and the AENB, which will strengthen and secure the charter market across the islands, and give an assurance to clients that the majority of the available fleet is professionally and compliantly managed.

AENB President Marga Dahlberg said; “After the incidents involving yachts being apprehended this summer season, we sent a letter to La Conselleria de Mobilidad (the institution responsible for issuing charter licenses in the Balearics) regarding the fact that we had been made aware of a small number of charters, outside of our membership, which may have been taking place without the correct licensing, safety and fiscal compliance.

“Following this I was contacted by a responsible official for the Guardia Civil Fiscal Investigation Department saying that they were very happy to work with us on stamping out these illegal charters, if we were able to provide them with as much information as possible about the transaction, its timing, and who was involved on both sides of the agreement.”

Mrs. Dahlberg concluded; “ We are confident that next spring and summer will see the benefits of this kind of action, giving charter clients peace of mind, and yacht owners the rewards for operating within the necessary legal framework via the many professional and legally constituted charter managers in The Balearics.

“Our local Chamber of Commerce identified in a study last year, that over 800 commercially registered yachts are available for charter around the Balearics, and that 80 % of nautical tourists who experience chartering in the region are known to return again. The sector generated 210 million euros and employed 833 people in 2008. That is an industry that has to be protected for the benefit of everyone. We welcome all owners that wish to charter their boats with confidence through our members, and of course look forward to seeing charter clients old and new, enjoying their future yachting vacations in The Balearics.”

AENB –EU Work Group Secretary
Peter Franklin
+34 971 100 601
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