Al Shoua - the new 56m support superyacht to Constellation

Al Shoua is the new shadow vessel to the Qatari owned Oceanco Constellation. It's the second new superyacht for the Qatari Royal Family as they recently took delivery of the Tim Heywood designed superyacht Al Mirqab. Al Shoua arrived in Gibraltar on the 29th of July, three days after the 133m Al Mirqab.

Al Shoua was built by Rockport Yacht & Supply Co in 1980 as the offshore service vessel Interceptor. She was purchased by Shadow Marine who converted the 56m vessel into a shadow vessel under the project name Paladin Shadow II.

At present no details are available on the features of Al Shoua, but like most other support yachts we can imagine that she carries a lot of toys and features a helicopter hangar. .

Besides Al Shoua, Constellation, and Al Mirqab the Qatari Royals also own the Oceanco Stargate and a 35m Riva Athena 115 chase yacht called Al Mirqab II.

By Merijn de Waard



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