Alberto Ascenzi and FT Yacht Design unveil new line of superyachts

The well-known naval architect Alberto Ascenzi of Serim Srl has started a collaboration with Paolo Ferragni and Alessandro Tollini of FT Yacht Design Studio. The two companies are now able to offer a full range of services from naval design and construction to yacht exterior styling, lay-out configuration and interior decoration.

Alberto Ascenzi, says about his new partners; “Paolo and Alessandro are two very talented architects who appear to know very well the real meaning of styling innovation and succeed to transfer the input concept in an attractive commercial proposal”.

The companies will also partner to offer construction management to their clients and will oversee the complete construction of a yacht, from design to commissioning.

The first project developed by the companies are a series of 24 to 30 metre semi-displacement superyachts with a new hull shape, propulsion system and innovative exterior styling and lay-out configuration.

Both the designs use a new concept of a “Sidewall” hull, pod hybrid propulsion, high tech carbon fibre and aluminium construction with an extensive use of dark crystal.

A new design of a 59 metre Fast Ocean Cruiser is now also in progress. The yacht will have the same basic design characteristics as the small line but she is conceived as a full planing vessel in order to reach a top speed of more than 60 knots and still remain stable and comfortable in rough seas.

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By Merijn de Waard



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