All Ocean Yachts appointed agent for Dauntless Explorer Yachts

John DeCaro the President of All Ocean Yachts is pleased to announce their appointment as the worldwide agent for Dauntless Explorer Yachts, the Explorer's Explorer. The Dauntless line of Explorers has 4 models, D73' (first under construction) D80', D90' and D100'.

The Dauntless mission profile of being a world wide remote cruising vessel requiring limited shore support for long periods of time has been incorporated in all aspects of their design.

They all share the Overing Yacht design, high efficiency, full displacement Hull form giving them increased speeds and fuel efficiency in comparison to other vessels in their size range. Seaworthiness, safety, and comfort were primary considerations when the highly experienced yacht owner and Overing Yacht designs developed this outstanding line of Explorers. These extra large volume Expedition yachts have the room to carry all of the supplies needed for world cruising and they incorporate a unique feature that is normally only found in super yachts.

Each design starting with the D73 has a lower equipment deck accessed by walk down stairs, 6' plus head room with full laundry, additional refrigerators and freezers, dry good storage, parts storage and a dedicated pump room.

The D73 and D80 are built in fiberglass with solid vinylester hulls and the D90 and D100 are built in steel and aluminum. The first D73 is under construction at the yard in Turkey and is available for delivery in 12 months.

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