Alucia2: The expedition yacht for next-generation ocean researchers

Written by Charl van Rooy

The production wing of the Alucia ocean conservation movement, OceanX (previously known as Alucia Productions), has today revealed a first glimpse of the new and improved 85.3-metre explorer yacht Alucia2 that is currently undergoing a major conversion in the Netherlands that will ultimately replace her owner’s current 55.7-metre motor yacht, the Alucia.Alucia 2Photo: OceanX

The Alucia name has become synonymous with ocean conservation and global exploring over the last decade as her dedicated owner and crew push the boundaries in the fields of science and technology whilst hosting field experts on the vessel during their well-documented travels. Readers who have seen the recently-released documentary series Blue Planet II will be all too familiar with the ship Alucia and her deep-sea capabilities and dedication to protecting our oceans.

Alucia2 was built in 2010 at the Freire Shipyard in Spain and spent her life as a deep-sea survey vessel operating from Norway under the name Volstad Surveyor before being acquired by her current owner and brought to the Netherlands for extensive rebuild work that will make her ‘the most advanced and science and media vessel ever built’. As for her design, the London-based studio, Gresham Yacht Design has provided the design input for the vessel. Work will continue until early next year when she is expected to be delivered in 2019.

The Alucia2 will feature state-of-the-art onboard dry and wet marine research labs,” commented OceanX, “cutting-edge media equipment and a top-of-the-line production and media centre, manned and autonomous deep-sea submersibles and helicopters and drones. Exploration is the key to ending ignorance about our oceans, which is the main threat to their existence.Alucia 2Photo: OceanX

The acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron has been involved in the project to lend his filmmaking expertise in order to ensure Alucia2 can carry and operate the advanced camera systems needed in order to capture our oceans in extreme detail no matter the weather conditions. “With OceanX and Alucia2,” commented the Hollywood director, “we will reignite a global passion for and curiosity about the ocean in our global, digitally-connected age.”

A forward helicopter landing pad and hangar will ensure Alucia2 is always accessible no matter what her location while a submarine hangar on the main deck is designed to carry three 1000-metre manned submersibles to get closer to the unknown than ever before.



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