Alvas, bridge to the future!

Alewijnse Marine Systems gave her existing vessel automations system (Alvas) a complete metamorphosis. This integrated Alvas bridge is applicable for almost all segments in the shipping industry. An absolute benefit is that every thinkable automation system on board can be integrated into the Alvas platform.

The robust traditional bridge, as it was constructed in the past, has been implemented on several ships already, for example on seagoing heavy lift vessels. Though the traditional bridge is still in production, a new look had to be created. There are segments, like yachting, where other standards are to be considered as normative. This new conceptual design bridge combines functional and aesthetic design with intelligent and innovative techniques. With this state of the art design Alewijnse mainly focuses on end users who pay a lot of attention to aesthetics and ergonomics, for example owners or owner representatives of mega yachts or luxurious passenger vessels. This eye catcher is a custom made bridge, executed upon the customers’ demands, and based on the Alewijnse concept.

Multifunctional bridge in detail
The Alewijnse Alvas multifunctional bridge is characterised by integrated workstations for X-band ARPA Radar, S-band ARPA Radar, Conning, ECDIS, DP/DT, AMS and also for process automation. The Alvas bridge was designed from the view of one man bridge operation and is fully compliant with the classification societies. The bridge is based on a redundant network concept. Alvas functions with supplier independent equipment and integrates seamlessly the following systems parts: GPS/DGPS, Gyro compass, Speedlog, Autopilot, Echosounder, Anemometer, Weather fax, AIS, VDR, ME control en CCTV. Alewijnse Marine Systems accompanies the process from design up to and including service and maintenance of the Alvas system.

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