Amartech and Puma Racing team up for Volvo Ocean Race

Amartech has announced they are part of the Volvo Ocean Race 2010 - 2011, being Official Drive Unit Supplying Sponsor of Puma Ocean Racing. Puma's Mar Mostro is equipped with the Amartech Retractable Propulsion Solution (RPS). In 2004 Amartech started to be involved in the Volvo Ocean Race by developing and engineering a propulsion system for the ABN-AMRO which would not interfere on the most optimal sailing performances.

Not only the resistance of propulsion system had to be taken away during racing, but in case of motoring a reliable and good performing propulsion system for all kind of weather conditions was required. On top of that the most challenging task was the weight saving of the complete propulsion system.

After a period of developing and engineering the Amartech Retractable Propulsion Solution (RPS) was born and ready to be taken up in the Amartech line of products. The introduction of the first Amartech RPS production series made out stainless steel with a total weight of only 52 kilogrammes and became a huge success; the ABN-AMRO 1 provided with the first Amartech RPS was the winner of the VOR 2005 - 2006.

After this successful race, the customer's request was a version of the RPS even lighter in weight without influencing on the durability and performance of the propulsion system. Again after an extensive period of calculations, developments, tests and engineering Amartech introduced the titanium version of the RPS with a with a total weight of only 13 kilogrammes including a Carbon Propeller. The introduction of this Titanium version became also a huge success, the Ericsson 4 provided with the first Amartech Titanium RPS became winner of the VOR 2008 - 2009

This system was also installed on the Ericsson 3 and Puma's Il Mostro. For the VOR 2010 - 2011 Amartech has introduced the third RPS production series, an improved Stainless Steel version RPS with a total weight of only 45 kilogrammes, Puma's "Mar Mostro" and the "Groupama 4" are both equipped with this Amartech Retractable Propulsion Solution (RPS).

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