Amels completes 30th precision RoFlo operation

Dutch shipyard Amels has announced on their Facebook page that they have recently completed their 30th RoFlo operation. Production Manager at Amels, Bert Beckers, explains the RoFlo method in more detail stating, “The Roll-on / Float-off or ‘RoFlo’ method is a launching operation we’ve perfected at Amels. We’ve done this 30 times in the last 8 years. Basically, we move the yacht from one of the fully climate-controlled covered building bays onto a floating pontoon, then to a floating dry dock, which submerges and the yacht floats. It’s fast, efficient and low-risk for the yacht, but requires a high degree of planning and teamwork.”

Amels’ latest RoFlo operation provided a first look at the new 55 metre Limited Editions superyacht as she left one of the building bays in preparation for final outfitting. She is one of eight new superyachts currently under construction at the yard’s facilities from four different designs in the Limited Editions range. These include the first 74 metre Amels 242, scheduled for delivery early next year, and the first 83 metre Amels 272, scheduled for delivery late next year.

Furthermore, Amels also reversed the RoFlo operation (Float-on / Roll-off) for the hull of another new superyacht, which is now in one of the two building bays.

The successful RoFlo/FloRo operation follows the recent RoFlo launch and delivery of a 55 metre Amels 180, as well as the delivery of a 60 metre Amels 199. Both vessels are now cruising in the Mediterranean.

By Gemma Fottles



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