Amels holds open house for 3000 visitors

Amels joined many other major Dutch shipyards in holding an Open House to show the nation’s citizenry just what takes place within the high security fences and massive buildings typical of a working shipyard. The event, held on Aprill 12, was part of The Netherlands’ annual “Shipbuilding Week,” when yards throughout the land open their doors to the curious and enthusiastic Dutch public.

Amels joined its sister, Royal Schelde Shipyard, and several local marine-oriented companies, in inviting the region’s folk for an inside view of their extensive operations. With advance publicity from TV, radio, and newspapers, nearly 3,000 people attended. They were treated to guided tours by key Amels employees, who explained operations. Many employees also brought their families, and a number of retired workers returned to be amazed by the remarkable progress and stunning new product in halls that were once filled with “gray” boats being built for the navies of the world.

The tour, with refreshments at hand, included the remarkable sight of three 52.30-meter Limited Edition Amels 171 yachts in various stages of construction, the first Limited Edition Amels 212 hull being assembled in blocks, a 70-meter custom yacht undergoing a major refit, and the first Limited Edition Amels 171, Deniki, receiving routine warranty work after her maiden Caribbean winter.

In addition to the “mini-fleet,” guests could experience the overwhelming result of Amels' recent expansion, with new construction bays, state-of-the-art painting cabinets, modern warehouse, expanded quays, and new working areas set aside for critical full-time subcontractors.

In addition to nearby residents, visitors also included students from the area’s important technical schools, who showed great interest in Amels' activities. Many of them were impressed enough to consider applying for work at Amels, to become the next generation to master the art of yacht building in the great Dutch tradition.



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