SYT iQ: Amels' performance on the used yacht sales market

Written by Ralph Dazert

Amels is one of the top superyacht builders in the world having built 69 yachts so far since 1982. These yachts have a combined total length of 3,954-metres which gives an average length of 57.3-metres and an average volume of 919 gross tonnes (GT). In the past 10 years, the shipyard has completed a total of 33 superyachts.

Plvs Vltra yacht by Amels in Yalikavak, TurkeyPhoto: Charl van Rooy / SuperYacht TimesUsed market

Of the 69 Amels yachts currently in operation, there are currently 12 Amels yachts for sale, which is 17.4% of the Amels fleet in operation. Compared to the market average of 23% this is much less due to the bigger average size of yachts available. The total combined length of these yachts is 656-metres with an average length of 54.7-metres and an average volume of 834.2 GT.

The average price of a used Amels yacht for sale is currently €29.2 million. When looking at the asking price per GT, the average price is €35,000 per GT. Looking just at the yachts that have been built since 2010, which are a total of 5 yachts, they have an average price per GT of €45,000 per GT.

On average, the 12 Amels yachts for sale have been on the market for 825 days. On average, these yachts are 16 years old. The youngest Amels yacht for sale is currently Aurora Borealis which is a new yacht offered for sale by her owner, while the oldest is the converted explorer yacht Akula from 1974.

Elixir yacht anchoredPhoto: Christopher ScholeyNew yachts coming on the market per year

In the last two and a half years, up to 4 used superyachts built by Amels came on the market per quarter. The first quarter of 2017 and the two last quarters of 2018 saw the highest number of Amels yachts come on to the market. The two first quarters of 2019 have seen 3 new yacht listings. The most recent Amels yacht for sale is the 2012 built 4You, which came on the market in April 2019.Amels used yachts new to market graphPhoto: SuperYacht TimesYachts sold 

In the past two and a half years, a total of 13 used Amels yachts were sold, with 11 yachts sold combining 2017 and 2018 and so far 2 yacht sales were reported on the second quarter of 2019.Amels used yachts sales graphPhoto: SuperYacht TimesIf we look at the used Amels superyachts sold in the last two and a half years, they were on the market for an average of 372 days. For the total used fleet sold in the last two and a half years, this average stood at 692 days.

The 13 Amels yachts sold in the last two and a half years represented a total value of €340 million in terms of final asking prices. Their average last asking price was €28.7 million per yacht or €34,240 per GT. The largest Amels yacht sold in this time period was the 68.5-metre Lady S (now Lady E), which was also the highest valued Amels yacht to be sold, with a final asking price of €59,000,000. 

Lady E yacht tenderTop 5 Amels yachts for sale

The five largest Amels yachts for sale right now are:

Boadicea - 75.5m – 2,130GT - 1999 - €47,900,000 (€22.5k per GT)

Aurora Borealis – 67.11m - 1589GT - 2019 - €83,500,000 (€52.5k per GT)

Akula - 59m - 865GT - 1974 - $10,950,000 ($12.7k per GT)

La Familia - 55m - 671GT - 2015 - €35,500,000 (€53k per GT)

Elixir - 55m - 671GT - 2016 - €38,900,000 (€58k per GT)

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