Amsterdam Yacht Builders: Answering complex refit needs in Amsterdam

Written by Francesca Webster

In June of this year, Amsterdam Yacht Builders (AYB) announced it had joined the Dutch superyacht scene to help shape the future of new-build, refit and superyacht maintenance. The company, which can trace its lineage back to 1921, offers superyacht owners a Dutch pedigree, combined with the most recent technology. Amsterdam Yacht BuildersPhoto: Amsterdam Yacht Builders Heritage

Amsterdam has been a maritime centre for centuries, and Amsterdam Yacht Builders’ history is ingrained into the lineage of the city. Originally established by the metal-workers association Vooruit, who are best known for their reliable, no-nonsense approach and service to all kinds of vessels. Since new owners took the helm and renamed the site Amsterdam Yacht Builders, major investments have been made in the facility. The shipyard now covers 12,000 square-metres of hard standing space, with a 50 by 30 metre construction hall, a metal-working shed and several cranes. Amsterdam Yacht BuildersPhoto: Amsterdam Yacht Builders The shipyard has also installed the largest boat lift currently available in the Netherlands, suitable for vessels up to 480 tonnes, demonstrating the yard’s plans to become one of the main refit and maintenance facilities in the country.

Robert Binnekade, Managing Director of AYB, commented, “We know what a big decision it is to entrust your prized possession to a yard for major refit and maintenance work. It’s a specialised line of work that requires a dedicated approach and the ability to return yachts to clients in the best possible condition.”Amsterdam Yacht BuildersPhoto: Amsterdam Yacht Builders New-build

The new-build sector of AYB focuses specifically on yachts up to 50 metres in length and the team on site specialise in the construction of both motor and sailing yachts, meaning that they have the expertise for every owner's project. Owner’s will receive continued assistance from the AYB team, which has a network of service and support partners.

Utilising the experience of the team and their personal touch, your new-build project with AYB begins with an open discussion about your wants and needs. Every superyacht project is unique, and many owners don't know exactly what they want when the project begins, so having expert advice and a proactive approach is vital for the success of your project. Amsterdam Yacht BuildersPhoto: Amsterdam Yacht Builders Service & Refit

From rebuild, refit, refurbishment, upgrades or maintenance work, the team at Amsterdam Yacht Builders covers the entire breadth of refit work, always to the very highest Northern European standards. The team offers transparent costing arrangements, which means that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the project. The experienced AYB project managers are able to provide fixed project prices, low overheads, and owners and captains can track all hours and materials to ensure that every cent is being spent appropriately. Not only does this give clients a sense of security, but it also ensures that timelines are accurately executed. 

While some owners worry about bringing their vessel to Northern Europe for refit, Amsterdam Yacht Builders is conveniently located only 20 minutes away from Schiphol airport. The prime location also means that captains and crew have immediate access to one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, where they can live in close proximity to the shipyard and enjoy a fulfilling refit period. This means that crew are far more likely to remain with a yacht during a long yard period. 

While the refit or new-build itself is a major project, AYB has built a strong and reliable after sales team to ensure that clients are cared for long after they leave the shipyard. The yard has fostered an international network to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Amsterdam Yacht BuildersPhoto: Amsterdam Yacht Builders Since the reopening of the shipyard, the AYB team has already completed a number of complex refits, the most recent of which was the 26-metre aluminium schooner Arrabida, which was completed in September. The yacht underwent a bespoke refit, with a major paint job, a comprehensive galvanic isolation programme to separate the electrical systems and avoid direct current flow. The team also designed and installed the bushings and plates to ensure the aluminium and stainless steel were kept well apart and avoid any oxidation in the future.

Today AYB is preparing to welcome a number of vessels for an array of winter refit projects, but there is still some space available for additional vessels looking for any level of refit ahead of the 2023 season. To find out more, or to get in touch with the team, reach out to them now at;



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