Analysing the prospective superyacht owner

On the first day of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference in Singapore, Wealth-X, the global ultra high net worth (UHNW) prospecting, intelligence and wealth due diligence firm, gave a presentation about prospective superyacht owners - Who are they, and how can the superyacht industry cater for them?

Wealth-X provides its members with qualified prospects and intelligence on UHNWIs along with the privately held-companies they control. The company works with 8 of the top global private banks, leading educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations and luxury brands.

Wealth-X has indentified 187,380 individuals worldwide, with a total net worth of USD 25.8 trillion. Nearly 23% of these individuals, are from Asia. However, according to Wealth-X's statistics, by 2025, Asia will have risen to the highest percentage in the world, and as early as in 2020, the group from Asia will already be the wealthiest. Another interesting figure for the superyachting industry:

The number of billionaires identified by Wealth-X is 2241, together worth 6719 billion US dollar.

Finally, the average superyacht owner, according to Wealth-X, is 63 years old, with net worth of USD 680,000,000, and a liquidity of USD 117,000,000. 1332 Individuals from Asia already fit this profile, and in 2022, this will jump to 2557, which shows the incredible potential for the superyacht industry to grow in this region.

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