Andrew Winch Design and Foglizzo team up

Andrew Winch Design and Italian leather specialists Foglizzo, announce the launch of their new leather range at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014.

The range is inspired by Land, Sea and Air, the three elements of Andrew Winch’s Design, and offers a selection of colours, fully customised grains and unique embossing, designed with superyacht, aircraft and luxury land-based residences in mind.

“The Andrew Winch Designs leather range with Foglizzo is an extraordinary opportunity for our Interior design team to create a selection of the most luxurious leathers to be found” says Andrew Winch “A beautiful range that reflects the very highest standards of creativity, quality and decorative finish. In Foglizzo we have found a partner who truly shares our dedication to producing the ultimate in design and craftsmanship.”

I asked if the collection would be available for AWD clients only, but that is not the case. Any designer is free to use the new collection in their designs.

By Maarten Janssen



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