Andrew Winch Design celebrate 30 years in business

Andrew Winch Design has announced that 2016 will mark 30 years in business for the British studio. To mark the impending special occasion, the company has unveiled a new website in addition to revealing an important evolution of the brand.

Traditionally rooted in yachts, Andrew Winch Design will now be offering a multidisciplinary approach to design that incorporates yacht, aviation and architecture & interiors. Now with a team of over 65, the workforce will be split into three dedicated teams, all of which will still be lead by Andrew and Jane Winch, fully supported by their respective management teams.

Winch comments on the celebration of 30 years in business as well as the subsequent evolution of the brand, stating: “I am so proud of everything we have achieved over the last thirty years and even more excited about the future. Jane and I have valued the support of so many friends, colleagues and clients since 1986 and I am thrilled that we can share this news with you today. We look forward to your feedback as our new look is rolled out over the next few weeks.”

By Gemma Fottles



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