Ann Landry joins Northrop and Johnson

Northrop and Johnson Luxury Collection is proud to announce Ann Landry, a 19-year veteran in yachting and charter sales, has joined Northrop and Johnson’s retail charter team as a charter broker.

Ann’s passion for yachting began in the late 1980’s, when she embarked a 5-week vacation aboard a yacht in the Caribbean. She returned to Aspen, sold her house, bought a 44’ sailboat and set sail to the Virgin Islands, where she worked as crew aboard a leading Caribbean charter yacht. In 1992, she became land-based in the Caribbean, as a full time charter broker. Three years later, she moved to the yachting capital of the world – Fort Lauderdale.

Ann has been linked to highly respected yachting companies such as Koch, Newton & Partners and more recently Merrill Stevens Yachts. For Ann, each charter is a unique event, with ever detail customized to the preference of the individual client. She has experienced continued success, and her bookings now include second generation clients, such as a honeymoon charter for the daughter of a long-term client.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale and specializing in the 110 to 180-foot range of charter yachts, Ann is eager to utilize her broad charter industry background and hands-on sailing experience to assist clients in arranging the ultimate charter experience. Through Northrop and Johnson’s expanded network of offices in U.S. and Europe, Ann is poised to offer her clients access to 5-star service, luxurious accommodations and unparalleled service aboard the world’s most exclusive yachts. What better way for family, friends and corporate groups to renew and grow relationships.



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