ANT brings the iPod and iPhone to superyacht systems

Advanced New Technologies Ltd (ANT) continues its cutting-edge ways, giving Superyacht owners and operators, powerful and convenient control of a multitude of high-tech systems through the integration of one of the world’s most user-friendly and iconic devices – the iPod and iPhone.

The increasingly popular and personalized nature of the iPod and iPhone, lends itself perfectly to the multifunctional needs of the Superyacht industry, where network compatibility and user friendliness are critical components along with power and effectiveness.

ANT has taken iPod and iPhone integration well beyond the standard auxiliary input into an onboard audio visual system. With a fully connected docking station such as Sonance IW5 or a Crestron CEN-IDOC, ANT uses bi-directional communication to control either the iPod or iPhone. Not only does this send data to the device, but it importantly receives data back from the iPod and iPhone so that real-time entertainment information is fed-back directly to the master control system.

ANT’s continued investment in research and development has given the company the platform to bring a host of cutting-edge advancements to its discerning clients.

In addition to creating tailored entertainment and music zones with the iPod and iPhone docking stations, ANT connects the audio output via centrally distributed audio channels in order to create ‘follow-me’ and ‘party audio’ from a single iPod or iPhone source.

Whilst the control of the iPod and iPhone is something which should be offered as standard for any respectable audio visual system, ANT also uses the portable device as an additional or alternative touch panel for third party controllers such as video on demand, CCTV, air conditioning, steward call functions and comfort systems such as the remote and portable control of blinds and lighting systems.

This innovation is achieved by programming the coding of the control system such as Crestron or AMX directly into the iPod and iPhone, or alternatively using an interface such as Command Fusion.

For Superyacht owners and operators interested in an even simpler approach that requires no system or iPod/iPhone programming, ANT is working closely with a development partner to achieve a control system designed around the iPod and iPhone without the need for an additional third party interface. Users will be able to download a generic iPod or iPhone application that sets itself up automatically with the existing onboard system, making it immediately ready to use and control via the portable device. This will enable guests to use their own iPods and iPhones to control the onboard systems.

We are constantly looking at ways to make high-tech life simpler for our clients,” comments James Ward, Technical Manager, ANT. “Through our established partnerships we are advancing our technology integration so that the end-user will have nothing to do except take their iPod or iPhone onto the vessel and start controlling systems. This will leave the vessels engineer safe in the knowledge that there is no need for complicated programming should a fault ever occur.”

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