Appointment of Bob Saxon as IYC president

International Yacht Collection (IYC) has released additional information regarding the appointment of venerated industry veteran, Bob Saxon, as its President. Announced in late December 2010, Bob Saxon’s taking the helm of the global yacht management firm is another step in the streamlined approach and building of IYC’s global positioning.

Felix Sabates; “In recent years and particularly during 2010, we incorporated an aggressive growth model to ensure IYC’s ability to provide the maximum enjoyment that yachting represents for our clients. A cornerstone of being well-rounded included our desire to provide the highest caliber service to the charter and yacht vacationing experience, often an entrée into yacht ownership. As a result, we acquired The Sacks Group in early October, 2010. With a company that now represents every facet of the yachting experience from three-quarters of a billion dollars in central listings to new builds—Trinity Yachts and The Total Yachting Solution—and an active fleet of 150 yachts, I knew I must find an unparalleled leader who has experience in every facet of yacht management that our firm now represents.”

Bob Saxon; “IYC is a thriving, expanding global business. Felix Sabates and partners, John Dane and Billy Smith, have created a brand that is well positioned to integrate yachting services for a unique global synergy. It’s my job and my passion to be able to amalgamate the kind of strategies that will both sustain the current vigorous business model and will grow the firm into an even broader global presence.”

Felix Sabates; “It is a testimony to our company’s recent accomplishments that Bob Saxon has agreed to take us to the next level. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed, positioned and grown businesses at first boutique to powerful brands in the yachting business. He is also known to be one of our industry’s greatest ambassadors, supporting the overall good of the business with a management style that encompasses understanding a particular company’s existing culture while keeping track of the evolving nature of our increasingly complex marketplace. All of us at IYC look to Bob to be the interpreter of the partners’ vision while setting the tone for strong communications amongst our divisions, disciplines, locations and most assuredly, our customers. No small task.”

Bob Saxon; “As I move forward with the challenges of this wonderful and ultimate career opportunity, I recognize that every facet of my experience over the years in the yachting business is at play. IYC’s mission statement—Our commitment to better serve our client base internationally and in ALL aspects of yachting—accurately depicts my own path heretofore. I’ve worked with numerous clients on new builds, have managed notable companies’ yacht sales, management and charter divisions, and have worked on setting a tone for an industry which was at one time boot-strapping the way it conducted business but is currently, quite compellingly, incorporating strategies to better realize profits. In a sense we now mirror the very sophistication of our clients, those whose own efforts have generally enabled them the affluence to afford the yachting lifestyle. Furthermore, I truly appreciate the faith that Felix, John and Billy have in me as we set out with every intention of making wake in 2011 and beyond.”

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