Apreamare launches Gozzo in Capri

Written by Georgia Tindale

Gozzo, an innovative motor boat conceptualised by Apreamare boatyard founder, Cataldo Aprea, was revealed for the first time this month on the jetset island of Capri during an exclusive event attended by SuperYacht Times, which celebrated almost two centuries of history around the Apreamare boatyard.

Gozzo is the result of a partnership lasting over 10 years with designer Brunello Acampora of Victory Design and was manufactured by Imbarcazioni d'Italia, a company belonging to the Cose Belle d'Italia group.

Gozzo appeared on the waters of the Grotta Azzurra following a presentation featuring an interplay of light and music. 150 international guests were invited to this event held on the terrace of the Il Riccio restaurant on the Capri, where the one-Michelin-starred chef Salvatore Elefante, prepared a dinner for the occasion, the main theme of which was ‘emotions’.

The history of the Aprea family is rooted in 170 years of history of the ‘gozzo sorrentino’. Originally, Italian fishing boats were built entirely in wood, and later in fibreglass to make them lightweight and easy to produce. Now, the “gozzo” boat has been given a new lease of life.

Gozzo is available in both single and twin-engine versions and has been designed to host the most state-of-the-art propulsion system and navigation technology currently available. This includes joystick manoeuvring and the latest generation digital mapping systems.

This is a historic moment”, stated Cataldo Aprea, “that could not have taken place but here, on our lands, on our seas, where we are deeply rooted. Gozzo is the perfect combination of tradition blended with modernity and technology, all of which is topped with an indisputable passion for beautiful, new things. The rapid developments of the “gozzo sorrentino” made it seem destined to risk dying out, but we could not resign ourselves to this death due to the lack of courage to try something new”.

Gozzo is an entirely new boat due to its innovative hull form, propulsion system and technological solutions and aims to set the tone of what is yet to come from the yachting brand.

Photos by Blue Passion Photo.



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