April Fool - Perfect in Every Aspect

The latest Feadship launched by Royal van Lent is the 60.96-meter (200’) April Fool, delivered to owners who required the finest luxury motoryacht that money could buy. Dedicated to private entertainment, the onboard logistics synthesize all Feadship’s know-how and experience. Highlights include a four-deck elevator and a custom-developed electric awning on the sun deck. In addition to a superb full-beam owner’s suite, April Fool has four spacious staterooms and fine quarters for up to eighteen crew.

Every launch at a Feadship yard is a festive occasion. Most owners use the opportunity to throw a lunch time party for the hundreds of people who have contributed to their yacht; the personnel in turn relish the chance to show their family the fruits of several years of dedication. The proud owners of April Fool were pleased to keep up the tradition. And naturally, the date chosen was April 1.

Designed by De Voogt Naval Architects, April Fool is a twin screw motoryacht with a steel hull,aluminum superstructure and a top speed of 16 knots. The owners made an intentional decision to opt for Feadship quality, recognizing that this was the only way to ensure their yacht not only looked good but would be technically perfect in every aspect.

From the first familiarization visit to the Netherlands to the launch, the owners were hugely impressed with the whole operation at Feadship and loved the family atmosphere at the Royal Van Lent yard. The level of service provided and the respect shown to owners during the build is exceptional, and I know my clients have made long-lasting friendships,” says the owner’s representative, Jacqueline Lyne.

Feadship was also the logical choice when discerning people require the finest systems. This obviously applies to major elements such as the main engines, generators, air conditioning and the exterior paint. But smaller items that owners only notice when something goes wrong are also very important. Take a simple example such as the air intakes – if these are in the wrong place the aromas will quickly remind you that there are different quality standards at different yards.”

April Fool’s owners wanted to be able to enjoy themselves without any hassle. With Feadship most details - big and small - are considered and solved in the design and engineering phase. For April Fool, for example, mock-ups were made of a guest cabin and the various options for the sun deck shading. It is great for owners to be able to take for granted that their yacht will be faultless.



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