APSA launches with press conference in Hong Kong

To mark the launch of the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA), a press conference with members of the Founding Committee will be held in Hong Kong on 5th May. The primary objective of APSA is to promote the Asia-Pacific region to the global superyacht community both as the world's "third cruising destination" and as a superyacht building and services location. It is a very exciting time to be in the Asia-Pacific region.

Superyachts have an enormous impact on the economic success of countries and can hugely boost local communities. The need for individual countries to have a strategic plan for the superyacht business is critical and APSA will play an integral part in working with Government agencies to enable them to effectively plan and participate in order to benefit their cities and coastal communities.

APSA has been set-up by 5 key industry professionals; Chairman Colin Dawson (The George Group, Hong Kong), Jean-Jacques Lavigne (Superyacht Singapore Association, Singapore), YP Loke (Spinnaker International, Singapore), Simon Turner (Northrop and Johnson, Singapore) and Gareth Twist (Yacht Solutions, Thailand). The Founding Committee will be talking in detail about the objectives of APSA and will also be available for questions.

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