Aqua Air delivers new 75 ton chiller for 172ft motor yacht

In April of 2008, Aqua Air Manufacturing was commissioned by the owners of a 172' motor yacht to provide a replacement chiller for the existing 15 year old Aqua-Air AQ900HD 75 ton, 4 stage chiller unit. One of the requirements of this project was for the chiller to fit in the same exact position and connect up to the existing chillwater piping.

The Omega Series OM75P-4VIHD Chiller Unit is the culmination of many years experience in the design and manufacture of large tonnage yacht chiller systems.

Some of the notable features are semi-hermetic compressors, stainless steel plate heat exchangers, shell and tube condensers, variable frequency drives for both compressors and seawater pumps, touch screen control interface, PLC control and remote monitoring capability.

The unit is also equipped with a highly innovative Manual Bypass System for the PLC which allows the crew to still control the chiller in the unlikely event that there is a catastrophic failure of the touch screen or PLC.



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