In Pictures: Arksen 85 explorer hull turned

Written by Francesca Webster

Following the announcement of her sale in February of this year, the U.K. based shipbuilders Arksen, have turned the hull of their 26.66-metre motor yacht Arksen 85ย explorer. Project Ocean yacht hull turningShe is the first of this model to be built by the shipyard, but they have already announced the sale of the second and third unit, with construction set to begin later this year.Project Ocean yacht hull turningWith a 7,000 nautical miles range, the motor yacht has an impressive range for a yacht of her size category, and her new owner intends to use her for global exploration. Routes have already been discussed, with the Northwest Passage, Antarctica and Patagonia already having been planned.Project Ocean yacht hull turningOnce the engineering and structural stage of her construction is complete, her interior will be furnished by Design Unlimited, who have penned a custom design for the motor yacht.Project Ocean yacht hull turningProject Ocean yacht hull turning



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