Art colony in Porto Montenegro village

Porto Montenegro has introduced the first onsite art colony project in cooperation with students from the Faculty of Fine Art in Cetinje. Between 8th – 14th August this year ten aspiring artists have been given the opportunity to express their creativity on the walls surrounding Tara, a new residential building currently under development.

The project attempts to bridge the gap between the urban landscape and the work of local artists. Each painting has therefore been inspired by its immediate surroundings, making them unique interpretations of life in the Porto Montenegro village.

This initiative is intended to promote the development of Montenegro’s visual arts scene today and to foster appreciation of what it is capable of in the future. By promoting local talent both through the onsite gallery and various forthcoming creative projects, Porto Montenegro hopes to support artistic creation within the region.

Upon completion, each artwork will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the non-profit organisation Evropski dom that works with special needs children and their families in Tivat. These funds will contribute to the building of a new day care facility.

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